For the past week and a half, I had some relatives visit with me. It was nice to see them, but really I couldn’t wait until they left. I’m a loner and don’t really desire to entertain relatives or friends at my place. I like being alone to do as I please, when I please! They have no idea I’m into the poop pants game and I want to keep it that way. We really did nothing exciting, just drove around Daytona and Orlando and I showed them some of the interesting sites. We spent a whole day at the flea market , but I did see a ladies full size swimsuit (I’m a male). I thought if it fit me , this should work out fine. I want something I can do multiple poops in and keep it in maybe for as long as 24 hours. Looked to me like this would work fine. I may come back later and purchase it.
Several times, I thought of how I had to waste a good poop in the bathroom because they were here. Well, fortunately, by yesterday afternoon, they decided they were going to go back to Virginia so around 1:30 PM they began to pack up their vehicle. I could feel a pleasant urge coming on so I knew it wouldn’t be long. It seemed like they fooled and fiddled around instead of getting things packed for the trip back. I grew more and more urges to go, but I figured they would leave soon. Then, they wanted to grab a bite to eat at the local Mc Dee’s restaurant. They said they were going to get a burger & fries and be right back. They wanted me to go with them, but I thought I may have an “real accident” of poop because the pain and urge was by now building and getting much stronger than before. They finally came back, after about 15 minutes , (as Mc Dee’s is only a few blocks up the road). They brought the sandwiches back and asked me if I wanted one but I thought if I down one of them, I’ll for sure, be having an “accident”. I passed on the idea hopeing all the time they would hurry up, eat, and get out! By this time I was squeezing my ass together to keep the poop from coming out. I had to do it bad and holding it in was not becoming an option. Oh, how I wish they would leave. I was getting desperate and it was all I could do to keep it in, although a little found its way out. Finally, by a stroke of luck, they agreed they should begin their journey back to Va. They all went out to their car , got in, and I hurriedly waved good-bye, as I turned and walked rapidly into the house. It was like automatically coming out and I couldn’t stop it. It was OK though, because I had my (pooping) swim trunks on and ready for action. I wear them 24/7 so I’m always ready. Well, just the mounted pressure itself filled my trunks and there was plenty more to let out. I put some warm water in the bath tub and filed to where it was just about full with me in it. I was in my swim trunks only and with the automatic first poop, it was almost full. After I got into the nice warm water, I let the rest of the load out. It puffed out mu trunks everywhere it could and poop was coming out my leg openings, around my crotch, and the back of the wasteband. It felt like this was one of the biggest loads I’ve ever pooped. It was nice and felt good. I began playing with “Willie” and before long he shot his load all over the inside of my trunks (under the water). This was a beautiful cum and felt so good lasting for about 10 seconds – or so it seemed. I just sat there In my poop and enjoying the aftermath until the water started to get cool off. My tub was full and I couldn’t put anymore warm water in until I let some of the cool water out. I let all the water out of the tub, stood up, and my trunks were still pretty full of poop. I hadn’t lost much by sitting in it or the water. I thought about going for a walk in the woods behind the house, but I believe the drippings and possible pieces of poop may work their way out of my legs and the brown dripping water would for sure run down my legs all over the floor. I had plenty of time – it would be about 2 hours until dark thirty. I wanted to go into the woods and sit, lay, & slide in it, piss , possibly add more poop, and pull “Willie” in my trunks again. I go to the woods often with a full load in my trunks and do this as it’s only about 5 minutes walking distance from the house. I hardly ever see any one as I walk to there – it’s pretty well isolated. There is a small stream about waste ass deep that I wash up in after the big event. The water is a little cool this time of year (about 68 degrees F) . I’ve been in this water year around every month and have never been sick from it. I generally don’t stay in longer than 1/2 hour when it’s cooler but in the summer, I could be in there all day playing with my trunks full of poop! And being in the water, they would not know I pooped my trunks unless I got out of the water for some reason. – then they probably wouldn’t know The water will warm up nicely in about another month. I do recall one time, I shit my trunks full at home and walked to the stream and when I got there a teenage girl about 16 (who I didn’t know) started a conversation with me. I talked with her for about 20 to 30 minutes and she never mentioned smelling my poop. Maybe she knew I pooped in my trunks but didn’t want to say anything. For that matter, maybe she pooped her pants and when smelled mine she may have thought it was hers. When she turned and walked away after we talked, It looked like a bulge in her pants but I didn’t see any brownout on the outide. She was a real nice sweetheart and was coming on to me but she said she was only 16. I talked with her ( friendly like) thinking I wish she would have been 2 years older so I could FUCK her! I look for her at the stream every time I go there, but never saw her after that. She would be 19 or 20 yrs old now. But, Instead of taking the walk in the woods, playing in my poop, pissing and masturbating in my trunks, and going into the water, I opted to just stay at home and call it a day with a wonderful experience ! I turned on the shower and got cleaned up. (I have a tub/shower combination). It took a longer time than usual to get totally clean, but WOW, it was worth it! Can’t wait ’till the next one….maybe in the water at the stream…..or the lake…. or the river….But this time – NO visitors!

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