Waiting Game (new part)

I’ve written a little more to my story, let me know if you like it.
The Waiting Game
Luke awoke from his sleep and reached out in the half light to find his watch. The time read 3:48 am, 3 and a half hours after he had gone to bed. It wasn’t really bed though, camped out on the floor in a sleeping bag. His friend, Adam, lay at the other side of the room asleep under a single duvet. The empty pizza box which had contained last nights tea they had shared sat in the corner surrounded by the many empty bottles of coca cola they had drunk that evening.
Their t shirts and jeans both lay in piles in the corners discarded quickly when they had changed for bed. Luke wore blue PJ bottoms and a green t shirt alongside yesterday’s underwear, Adam much the same with grey joggers and a blue t shirt. They had both dressed for modesty even though it was warm, as this was the first time they had stayed together.
Luke sat up wondering what had disturbed him from his slumber, he usually slept soundly all night. He had noticed that once Adam had changed he got straight into bed without brushing his teeth or anything else. Luke had followed his lead disregarding his normal routine. Something a tiny twinge told him he was going to regret. 
The twinge was a familiar message to everyone. “I need emptying soon” his bladder said. He was regretting that last bottle of coke and not going before bedtime. The bathroom was a short way away and in the dark he wasn’t quite sure where it was. The need would have to wait for now and he lay on his side and fell asleep once more.
He again reached for his watch. This time the time read 4:17am. He could feel a pressure building slowly in his lower abdomen moving the waistbands of his PJ bottoms upward slightly along with his underwear beneath. He could definitely feel he needed to go now.
He glanced across at Adam, who he knew had drunk more than him to try and spot any sign of he needing a visit too. He had thrown aside the duvet to cool off and Luke could see his stomach where his shirt had ridden up. Sure enough there was a slight bulge disappearing under the stripy waistband of Adams pants which were hidden under his joggers. Luke felt better knowing Adam had to go too, but would that be soon enough?
As Luke watched one of Adams hands slide under the duvet towards his crotch he couldn’t help but wonder, was it just a simple rearrange or a more urgent squeeze? The room was warm and Luke had now unzipped the sleeping bag to let a leg hang out. The zipping noise disturbed Adam and Luke feigned sleep watching through half closed eyes as he sat up and removed his shirt and joggers due to the heat and threw them aside as well as removing his socks. He seemed for a moment to have forgotten Luke was in the room as he glanced at the definite bulge at his waist and pulled the duvet back over his middle. However this was not before the other boy had seen Adam dressed only in his stripy blue boxer briefs with his swollen abdomen lifting the waistband of his underwear off his stomach at either side. He knew Adam would really have to go and could imagine the hot liquid still pouring into his overful bladder building the pressure against the walls.
Meanwhile his own need had grown into desperation as his bladder protruded, constricted by the top of his own boxers ever increasing the need. Almost on a reflex reaction he thrust his hand down the front of his PJ bottoms and gave his member a reassuring squeeze through the cotton of his undies. Unknowingly to him, Adam watched all this with much eagerness.
“Adam” he whispered breaking the silence in the room. “Yeah?” came the groggy reply. “you awake?” “i am now” “erm.. I kind of… err have to …. go…” “what? Go where?” “the err… Bathroom” “why? Do you want a drink? I’ve got one here.” “no I kind of need a err.. wee” 
“you’re a big boy I’m sure you can wait until morning” Adam laughed now awake. “I don’t know…. I kinda really have to go….” he replied. “Awww… Does little lukey need a wee wee?” “I do. I didn’t go before bed like I usually do.” “how bad do you need to go, let me see” “ok…”
Luke pulled back the sleeping bag and Adam slid his hand over and pulled up his green shirt and saw the boys distended bladder pushing against his boxers and knew Luke was desperate to pee. 
“Do you need to go too?” Luke asked “A little bit” Adam replied. “Let me see as well” Adam pulled the duvet off and laid naked on the floor except for his underwear as Luke looked across and saw the other boys overful bladder sticking out above his pants. “Looks more than a bit to me!” Luke laughed. “Well I’m too tired to show you now, so you can go when I need to.” Adam said wondering if he could outlast the other boy. Secretly he wanted to make the other boy squirm.
Not wanting to be outdone Luke pulled off his green top to reveal his slim body and the top of his white boxers sitting on top of a large bulge just above his PJ bottoms. “warm?” Adam asked. “yeah i am” he replied. “Looks like your pretty full there” Adam said eyeing the boys bladder half hidden under the tight waistband of his boxers. “I bet that you have to go before me” he continued, hoping that Luke really did need to relieve himself as much as he thought. Now pulling down his PJ bottoms and taking off his socks, Luke said “Now we’ll be able to see the winner” now both naked except for their underpants they both couldn’t help but feel a little exposed but each determined to beat the other.
Luke looked across at Adam and couldn’t help but notice a growing faint outline of something stirring in Adams pants. He must really need to go he thought. Adam was determined not to show weakness to the younger boy but was getting all the more desperate with every passing second, trying not to be noticed, he gave his piss hardon a squeeze through his underwear and tried to take his mind off the intense urge to pee. Having glanced round at just the right moment Luke caught Adam squeezing himself and could now clearly see the outline of his erect penis in his tight boxer briefs, stiff and standing straight upwards, the tip just below the waistband must have added even more pressure to Adam’s bladder. 
Luke squirmed at the thought of all the liquid inside Adam begging for relief and felt his own cock begin to harden mercifully concealed more in his boxers than his competitions. However it did not go completely unnoticed  as Adam was sure he spotted a little movement where the end of Luke’s piss hardon was starting to tent his pants, a sign, Adam hoped, of just how much that bursting bladder needed to be released.
Both lying there in just their underwear, each with a desperately full bladder and a piss hardon they were now locked in competition determined to beat the other. Adam now tried to hide his hard cock, Luke taunted “Ah, so the big boy does need to go to the toilet, it’s no use trying to hide it.” “Looks like you need to go just as bad as I do” Adam said indicating that he knew about Luke’s piss hardon. The two boys lying next to each other almost naked except for their boxers which were now leaving little to the imagination glanced nervously at each other trying not to think about the gallons of piss tormenting their full bladders. 
Adam was the first to make a move, nervously he moved his hand up onto Luke’s smooth chest and traced a line down towards his stomach. Surprised by the contact he began to wonder where this was going but for some reason made no effort to stop him. Adams hand  reached what should have been a soft stomach but was only met by a rock hard bladder with the top of the boys boxers stretched across it. As he brushed his hand over the bulge he felt Luke begin to squirm with the effort of holding and being forced to grab his cock and squeeze through his pants. As Adam removed his hand and he regained control it was his turn as he moved his hand up onto Adams shoulder and moved it towards his armpit. It was as Luke had suspected, Adam began to squirm and writhe grabbing onto his dick like a little boy as Luke lightly tickled him. Adam was absolutely bursting to piss, his bladder at full capacity and he was oh so ticklish. He begged Luke to stop but it was all too late as he felt for the tiniest moment his control vanish and a feeling roll up his cock as golden liquid headed toward his dry pants and Luke spotted a single damp drop appear at the end of Adams penis darkening his stripey blue boxer briefs.
He stopped to laugh and said to Adam “Oh does the little boy need a wee wee? Looks like I’m gonna win!” “Oh I don’t know” said Adam as he pushed his hand down onto Luke’s bulging bladder and watched as Luke began to squirm and moan. Adam watched as Luke’s white boxers began to darken with his own damp dot of pee. Now with a damp dot on his pants Adam could feel the waistband cutting into his aching belly and making him come ever closer to losing it. He knew the only way to stand a chance of winning was to take off his slightly damp boxers. As he pulled them down carefully over his bladder his erect cock sprang up surrounded by a small area of light brown hair. He pulled them down to his knees and looked across at Luke who quickly tried to look away, “I’ll prove you’re not going to win! Are you man enough too?” Replied Adam. He slowly lifted the waistband of his white boxers off his stomach and pulled it under his own piss hardon to reveal his slightly smaller dick and a tuft of his blonde pubes. 
The challenge was on now. Each could see if the other were to lose any liquid at all and they were even more exposed. Adam saw Luke’s hard cock that was standing straight up quivering from the pressure of holding all that piss inside. An inch higher the boys swollen and desperately full bladder could be clearly seen sticking out of his skinny frame. Adam once again slid his hand over onto Luke’s smooth body and down over his bladder swollen with piss, resting his hand between the bulge and brushing the top of his fine hairs. Luke began to laugh after feeling the tickling sensation of Adams hand and squirmed still in desperate need of the toilet. As Adam pushed down slightly a bead of warm yellow piss began to form at the end of Luke’s quivering dick, the drop rolled down the length of his shaft and snaked its way through his pubes before hitting Adams hand that was still resting on his body.

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