Waiting for a good poo to eat

I’m a solo player and never done any experience with anybody except golden showers from my wife. I like to play and eat my poo then swallow it with my piss. I have been generally ok with solo playing bcs of the health concerns. My story begins with when my wife won’t be around for one week. She had travel for work and I was looking forward to play with myself. When the time has come I was hoping for a big solid poo but wait. It was almost a diarhea and I don’t like to play when I don’t have any hard turd. Second day was the same and decided to play with some piss. I drunk so much water to make my piss almost a water to not make house messy while playing. I start to try with drinking some but it is never good without swallowing some poop with it. When I drink I realize that after drinking so much water it tastes like all water and finished one glass of piss easily. I had no taste and smeel so I realize that I could do anything with it in anywhere in the house. After drinking a glass of piss it started to push again and I just let it go into my jeans. I was in my office room and leaked all over the carpet. But warmth and feeling was so good but something was missing then I decided to go to bed for sleeping for the other day hoping for a solid shit. At the middle of the night I woke up with pushing full bladder of piss and it leaked some on my hands and taste was still like a water. I decided to do it anywhere I want and leave some piss side of the bed. Pissing somwhere except toilet made me really hard. I did it on the carpet some and I went to the kitchen. Going kitched for pissing made me so horny. I felt some poop pushing put my finger into my ass and realize there is some solid poop in it. I pushed some out I was so horny and put that poop directly in my mouth. It tastes so good comparing to any other before and swallowed immediately. I still had to pee I grab a glass and peed into it. While I still have some need of poo I took a plate and found some tomatoes inside the fridge. I never mixed up with food before but I liked the idea and take some bread also. I put them on the plate and shit on to them. After that I smeared my shit with a knife on the bread and ate all of them. It made me soo sooo hard. I had never eaten that much poop before but it was the first time for eating scat for a dinner. I swallowed very easily with my piss then I took shower with my piss at the middle of the kitched. and no need to wash the kitched because my piss was all water. I pushed myself to not come until tomorrow because I wanted to try again for the next day. Next day I went to work and I need to poo again. I was getting hard so much and realize that I could not wait till worktime ends. I bought a box of chinese noddle and decided to mix it with some shit and have a scat lunch. When my order has come I went to the toilet with the noodle. I came already hard again I was going to toilet for a lunch for the first time. When I arrved to the toilet I closed the door and took my jean off and poop into the noodle box. My poop was the same like last night. So beautiful and ate my dinner sitting on the toilet and couldn’t stop cumming this time. This was the best solo experience I’ve ever had. I even never had neusea and crawing to vomit. It was all like food but it was my shit. I was just eating like a food and loving the taste. After that I put the box in the garbage and washed up my mouth and started working again.

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