Video Chat!!

Oh, boy… it’s nice to be back! I’m just sitting here, on my couch, keyboard on my lap; revelling in my barely restrained jubilation.

Yep, PooPeeLife is Back! We have video chat! We’re still using an substitute for the moment, but good news is that we’re running on PRO. We can have up to 12 users, we get better video quality & bandwidth and a can use few other neat features. Just follow the link on the side bar or go to

So, now I look around my lounge room and notice a few things…

• Professional streaming webcam, studio microphone and studio lights.
• A full bottle of delicious scotch.
• A large collection of disappointingly clean and dry underwear.
• Some pillows that look like they could use a good humping.

I think I might have to jump onto video chat later this evening…

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