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I applied for a job as a personal assistant on Monday and this big guy interviewing me at his condo just started freaking out on me. It was nuts.

During the interview I had to pee, and this guy just comes storming right into the bathroom right after I had closed the door. I’m all like WTF? I don’t know what the hell happened but he was mad as fuck all of a sudden.

He started telling me that I probably didn’t deserve to work for him, and that I was plainly a lazy worthless human being shitfuck OBVIOUSLY and what I REALLY deserved was a good hard spanking on the bare fucking ass.

WTF is going on I’m thinking. I’m fucking shocked! I had thought the interview was going really good up until then!

Could he be serious? He sure was a BIG guy. He completely filled the doorway. Not FAT big, but tall and full, bulging in some extra places – but also bulging in right places. I started thinking this might not be good; I’ve had swats before and found out that my ass is super fucking sensitive thank you very much. This guy could probably whack an ass cheek through to a hip bone!

I’m just standing there in the bathroom and he’s going on about how worthless I was and how an ass beating might help teach me a lesson, and man, I tell you, I was starting to believe he’d do it – and I was getting pretty scared.

He told me to get NAKED. HURRY UP, he kept saying loudly. I want you TOTALLY NAKED NOW. I don’t have all day, he says, and he calls me names like “little shit” and “fucking asshole” and demanding that I take my pants DOWN. Unbelievable! He described how he was going to bend my ass over that kitchen table and beat it with a belt until I knew what was good and true and admit how I was truly a worthless piece of lazy shit. Or some such message which was GET TOTALLY NAKED FOR YOUR BEATING, ASSHOLE.

And fuck, guess what? I figured maybe he was fucking right! I did deserve it! I had already gotten stoned before our meeting at 10 AM. I got there late. AND I didn’t have the right resume to give him. I really don’t give a shit about much. But how the fuck did he know that in just 25 minutes?

This was getting too fucking real.

And this dude was totally serious! He was not letting me go. He was forcing me take off all of my clothes – every fucking stitch or, he made it clear, he’d do it for me. And then he was gonna give me a bare ass whooping, which he kept REPEATING loudly. What if the neighbors heard him? WTF?

I was so scared. I kept trying to talk, to explain my way out of this situation and out of this place right NOW. I was apologizing and saying I’d just GO and get OUT of there, and I’m so sorry, and … right about then, fucking goddammit I couldn’t hold back – this was fucking nuts – I felt my dick just STOP cooperating and let GO of hot PISS right there in my fucking pants! Jesus Fucking Christ! I couldn’t help it! I’m trying to talk my way out of a serious fucking ass spanking and now this? A grown man getting the piss scared out of him!

Right about then was when I realized his camera was recording the whole thing. Great.

Holy shit. I had to get out of there quick! I looked down, even felt down there, but thank God my black pants were not showing anything wet. Yet. I don’t think. FUCK!

Be Casual, I’m telling myself, stammering about how sorry I was and maybe he could spank me another day? and … WHATEVER you want to do to ME but I just got to GO right now! Maybe he won’t notice the spreading wet spot.

But Noooo! He wants me to strip! Strip! He keeps demanding. STRIP!

I could not believe this was happening! I was practically begging and bawling with embarassment now, like some little kid. I would just LEAVE, I cried over and over. You are right! I told him. I’m a fucking asshole! I’ll just GO AWAY! I am SO SORRY!

He tells me, “Do as I tell you or else things Could Get Worse” and I Believe Him.

Man was he mad at me.

So I guess I just had to do as he said. I start to strip and, actually he wouldn’t know this of course, but I was really kinda sorta in a super-fucking hurry to get my shoes off because hot piss was already soaking my socks! If I can still get out of this, I’m thinking as I take my shoes off, I can just clean up at home – I just don’t care!

But then I give up. What’s the use. Fuck it. He’s gonna see my pissy drawers. What then? He’ll know I wet myself like a little twerp.

My hands were shaking as I undid my belt and fly. The smell of my own piss was starting to reach me because my pants were drenched. I was trying to hide it, and put it off, and beg him to let me go, and was pleading as I slowly lowered, then let my pants DROP. And there were my piss soaked boxers.

All of a sudden he was quieter. In a calm and serious tone he called me “A Worm.” “Get those stinky drawers down, Dummy,” he said, ” and show me your stupid cock, “he said. He wanted me NAKED for my SPANKING he reminded me.

I pulled my boxers slowly down and didn’t even realize (maybe because I was crying like a little girl or something!) that he was looking right at my stupid cock because it was still peeing! I grabbed myself to stop it but it kept going! “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I cried, pleading for him to PLEASE let me GO.

I don’t know what was going on with me but my dick wasn’t just dribbling a little pee either, the dumb fucker, it was STREAMING piss out, straight down into my clothes at my ankles and, of course, all over his goddamn bathroom floor.

Goddamn Worthless Fucking Cock was MY thought. He didn’t have to say it.

He watched me, like he was grading me for a test or something, as I tried stupidly to stop myself from peeing and covering myself with my shirt and generally acting like a stumbling monkey idiot exhibit or something. He kept saying shit like; “show me what a pussy brat little shit you are.” He wanted to see my “pathetic little dick with the piss scared out of it,” he said.

Jesus, now I was like, peeing into my hand! It just wouldn’t stop, until when, for the benefit of the camera, I guess, he told me to turn around and show my ass. “That ridiculous ass that goes with that ridiculous pecker” he snorted (a statement that would get no argument out of me, as he pointed at my puny, stupid, piss-dripping useless dick). Fuck, he even demanded to see my butt HOLE. WTF next?

He wasn’t done with me yet apparently, standing there like a hopeless fool in a puddle of my own piss.  He told me to pull my boxers up again to show the camera how “A Worm pissed his pants like a true pussy shithead would do when he knew he deserved to get his ASS BEAT.” He loudly told me he was going “TO BEAT YOUR FUCKING ASS, DICKWAD” he said for the twelfth time.

Then he yelled for me to STRIP because he was gonna HOSE me down before my PUNISHMENT.


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