Very unexpected night

This is a surprisingly true story. I went to the local bar tonight and a guy named chris came in and sat next to more at the bar. I had never met him but I have to say is cute. He introduced himself and immediately informed me that the time he was there he wet his pants in his car. I was blown away that was the conversation starter. I decided to be bold and informed him I had wet my pants the night before. He high fives me and asked where the bathrooms were. Idon’t know what got into me but I told him they were busy . That wasn’t a lie. But I told him there was a bathroom back at my place. He informed me he want sure grew could wait that long. I asked him if he was that desperate why didn’t he take care of that before coming in And he just smiled sheepishly.
Ended up leaving do hee could go. I needed to as well had been in the bar for a while. He was starting to grab himself and then told me he didn’t mind wetting his pants. I became instantly hard. Decided to head to my place for some drinks but he started leaking in the 3 miles. We pulled in the drive and I told him that was hot as hell. We didn’t get out of my truck for am hour. Surprising to me he started kissing me. And then got on top of me in my seat. I laid the seat back and straddling me he just said hope you don’t mind and while kissing he let flow flooding both of our jeans. We kept kissing And turned over and I let loose. We eventually went inside once we started getting cold. Then he say on my lap in the recliner and pissed again. We were both soaked and he didn’t have a change of clothes. What a pity he didn’t care we just cuddled and stayed warm till morning wetting all night against each other. I gave him a blanket in the morning when we had to go Get his car. He asked me if I wanted to get into his car and get his drivers seat wet. But I had nothing left. Hope we can meet up again. Thu is a completely true story. That has never never happened to me before

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