very messy and wet

i am sitting here again with a huge poop in my diaper. someday i hope to find a freind who will take pics and video of me wetting my pants and loading my diaper. i have been a pants pooper since i was 9 and dont think i will ever stop now.i put my diaper on this morning and started doing dishes and stuff and about 5-10 minutes i just let the load into my diaper,i seldom ever use a toilet anymore i just love the poop  to be in my pants! so any poopers out there looking for fun send me a message

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  1. I did about the same.I put on a diaper in the early morning, went back to sleep and pissed a lot. During beakfast I let the shit load into my diaper and sitting on it now!

  2. ditto love working round the house in shitty nappies

  3. I hardly use the toilet too. I either just mess my pants or diapers my whites are well stained!

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