Using the lake slideing board for a wild ride!

About 25 years ago, there was a medium sized lake within a park near walking distance of my old rented house. Someone had installed a 10 to 12 ft. high sliding board going right out into the water. One hot, summer, early evening, I went down to the site to use the sliding board but there were some redneck guys drinking, swimming, and using it. I went swimming, away from them, as I waited for them to leave. As I got into the water, I had to shit a pretty good load in my trunks. The sun dissapeard down below the horizion and darkness was moving in soon. I was just hopeing those damn half drunk rednecks would leave so I could try out the sliding board. After about an hour, they finally left. I climbed up to the top of the ladder and put my ass down on the sliding board. Shit smeared all over my as, balls, legs and dick. Then I gave myself a small push and down the board I went. The shit felt so good and as I hit the water a little bit came out from between my trunks at the legs and some from the wasteband in the back since I leaned as far back as I could when coming down the slide. I smeared the poop all over my bottom side and it felt sooooo good. I got out of the water then climbed up the ladder again. I noticed small pieces of shit falling out of my trunks. Then I sat down on the slide again. The poop went all over me once again but I could tell I was loseing it rapidly. My trunks were not as full as before. Each and every time I slid down the board, some shit came out. I wish it would have stayed in there longer so I could continue my fun. After about 8 times down the board, most of my poop worked it’s way out. There was only a small amount left in the trunks. I ended it by going out into the water chest high and cleaned out my trunks and my ass, legs, balls, and dick. I stayed in the water about half an hour and by this time it was pitch dark but I didn’t care. I took several more slides down the slide to be sure it was cleaned up and from what I could tell it cleaned up nicely. This was highly exciting fun and I’d like to do it again but unfortunately the park was fenced in and is now a private park. I didn’t see the slide there anymore, either. I’ll be looking for a new site to do this again because it sure was exciting. I wonder if I could masturbate and get my dick cumming on the way down. Escasty for sure!

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