Using a diaper while driving.

So whole driving home today I got a chance to really use a diaper. I was wearing one this afternoon due to some recent kidney issues. Well while commuting (1 1/2 hr) from work I started getting a serious need to pee. I commute through a desolate area without any gas stations or businesses. So, I have to hold it in. This is a main hwy constantly patrolled, so having a piss by the road is very risky. Anyway after thirty minutes of pressure building in my bladder and cock I realized I was going to have to soak my diaper. I hoped I could wait, but I knew I could not as my bladder was beginning to spasm and my cock burned to let go a stream.I relaxed and let a few decent spurts out, it took a while to get things really going, but once that flood gate released I was unable to even slow my stream. Soon I was wet from ass to belly. I peed a steady stream for over three miles. It was bliss to be driving along and feeling my diaper growing hot and wet while hearing my strong stream hissing all against the material. I was concerned about leaking, but mostly just glad to be getting such relief.
A surprise hit me about twenty miles later. I had to poop very badly. I tried to fart, but was met with a wall of mushy diarrhea aching to come out. I weighed my options and decided to wait until I hit civilization within the next fifteen miles. Wrong. Within two or three miles I was in agony. My guts were churning, and my poor muscles were failing. I began to ooze a bit of soft poop into my diaper without meaning to. When I felt that, I leaned over just a little and allowed my body to do what it sorely needed. I did not have to push at all. I just relaxed and gave in to the next cramp. Just like that I began to shit a long and soft coil. It rushed out, and within the span of a couple of breaths was followed by two farts and a pile of pure mush. I felt empty and relieved. For about 5 minutes. The cramps knifed through me again and this time I did not even contemplate holding, I pushed and pure liquid diarrhea hissed out all over me. Two waves of this liquid occurred. Then I felt finished. I drove the remaining half hour or so home covered in my bodily functions, but so empty and relieved I did not care.

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