Used to poop my pants all the time in middle school

I was living in San Francisco at the time I was in middle school.  It was also in middle school where I first discovered (by accident of course) that I enjoyed pooping in my pants.

I used to walk home after school every day, get home before 3:00, and usually it would be 5:00 before my parents would get home, sometimes later.

My middle school’s bathrooms were pretty disgusting…most of the stalls didn’t have doors, and those that did, wouldn’t lock.  Lots of the walls had graffitti on them and by the end of a school day, the toilets were nasty because the janitors would only clean them after school let out and before the next day.

So I would consistently find myself holding my poo for my 10-15 minute walk home each day. When I discovered I enjoyed pooping my pants, it wasn’t that far afterwards that I started saving up old briefs that needed replacing.  My mom would buy me more, and I’d keep a stash under my bed.  One day, I think in 7th grade,  I decided to wear one of those old pairs to school, and, try to fill them after school was over but before walking home, if i felt that I was going to have a firm poop coming.

I remember that afternoon during classes feeling a good load coming on, and I could wait for the sixth period bell to ring.   I left my last class and headed to the bathroom on the third floor near where my locker was at.  I stood at one of the urinals and emptied my bladder of pee (never have been a fan of peeing my pants).  After that was done, I wanted to make sure the poop was going to be firm before I went through with it.  Since there were other kids in the bathroom I went into one of the stalls that had a door (but did not lock).  I reached around and confirmed I had a firm poop coming.  By now there was no one at the urinals so I went back to there and let out a little more pee as I relaxed, pushed, and stood there in astonishment as I deposited a pretty large firm load into the seat of my briefs.

Once I was done, I left the bathroom and went to my locker to get a couple of things and then left school.  During the time, I walked down the hallway near classmates, most of whom probably had no clue that I had a big load in my pants.  Left the building and walked home, and cleaned up when I got there.

I ended up doing that several more times, though never during class or before the last period had ended.  I don’t think anyone ever knew, and if they did I never found out they knew.  With the bathrooms being so nasty, I have to imagine there were at least a few others that did the same thing…

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  1. I have similar stories to tell except I was brave enough to poop my pants in class during 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade.

  2. This sounds very familiar. My junior high school bathrooms were disgusting as well. I think it goes with the title and rite of passing.

    I had about a three block home from school, and I used to do the same thing. It as a lot less stressful than having a door knocked in, or being harassed in the bathrooms while trying to have a dump, besides the stalls never had any toilet paper anyway!

  3. There was a woods right behind the school between the school building and the next neighborhood of homes. Many times after school a boy would pee on the trees and bushes and sometimes poop in his pants in the woods and not be discovered doing this unless he stopped and pulled his pants down. Sometimes there would be pooped in underwear thrown in bushes off the trail through the woods.

  4. Sounds like fun. I also started pooping my pants alot around that age. I never had the nerve to do it at school though.

  5. I shit my pants in 7th grade too. Once or twice right in the classroom for all to see and smell.

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