Urinary Desperation Test – Hiking in Iowa

Hello all, here is my weekend adventure I summarized yesterday.  Sorry guys, forgot the camera.

I was with a friend hiking for a couple hours in a state park in central Iowa.  This is a week vacation I am taking, so I have been surrounded by friends and family, but none of them are wetters unfortunately.  Yeah, I had to pee a little, but it wasn’t too bad because it was record highs and I was even sweating at times.  I thought it would be a great place to test my capabilities and limits.

I droped him back off at home and came back to the state park.  It has numerous wooded valleys and fields both.  I decided to wear khaki OP cargo shorts which were probably designed for beach wear, although they are 100% cotton.  I had on Speedo jammers on underneath because I planned on going swimming afterwards (and I did), and those are the best there is, even if it is just splashing in a stream.

As I started, I carried a 2 liter soft drink bottle with me that was almost empty and started drinking it down.  Because the bathrooms were locked up, I had to hike a ways to get water, but I managed to fill it up and I hiked a prairie trail.  I was sweating.  I had on a microfiber shirt and when that gets cold, I know I am sweating.

Over the course of the next hour, I drank that water bottle.  I was curious just how long I could hold on before it was obvious there was a problem.  I imagined what it would be like if there was another wetter with me to help motivate me to keep it up all along.

I started hiking into a river valley.  If I stopped to turn on my GPS, I might have to discretely twiddle myself to help hold on.  The strain feels like it is in the very tip of my penis.  For some reason, if I pinch-and-roll it a couple times, the urge goes away.

I drank all the water and had to head back into civilization to refill. At about this time, I had to shit now too because in my eagerness, I drank the water faster than it could be absorbed in.  So the trip back involved sitting on a couple logs while my intestines worked backwards, easing the urge.

I just left the river valley when I felt a warm.  I made a warm spot on my shorts.  The wierd thing is that I didn’t really know it was coming, I just felt warmth there.  It sort of soaked through a little, but you really couldn’t tell.

I got to the water and refilled my bottle.  It has now been 2 hours since I started.  It had been 6 hours since I peed and 4 hours since I felt the first urge.  Normally after drinking it is about 80-90 minutes before I totally lose controll, but I filled more slowly due to the activity and because a bladder bouncing while hiking seems to stretch and hold more than if you stand still.  Standing still is a sure way to wet yourself if you have to go badly.  Need to keep moving and there are no breaks to be taken.

As I was walking back I walked past two guys whom were walking in the same direction.  This probably wasn’t the best time for my intestines to start working, but I had additional anxiety because I didn’t want to shower myself in front of them.  As I walked by, I felt my butt start to open.  There was nothing to sit on and I had to act cool anyway because people were around.  A few chunks started to fall out.  Not much I could do.  It wasn’t the goal of the hike, but it happens sometimes.  The urge to pee eased off some.

I continued drinking water.  I stopped to turn on my GPS and see where I was and more importantly, where I had to go.  As I stoop there, I kept still while it found it’s satellites.  More, larger chunks started falling out and there was nothing I could do but loosen the belt and wear the shorts a little lower so soakthough wouldn’t be as likely to happen.  This made them a little more baggy and you could now see the top of the swimming shorts.

When I started walking once I knew which direction I needed to go to the river, the chunks slid down the right leg and stopped at the elastic cuff on the legs, just above the knee.  I had to keep the shorts baggy for sure now.

My whole goal was to see how long I could hold my water.  I reached Level 1 and when I stopped to check my GPS, I started peeing slowly; right through my shy, nervous zipper.  I was able to stop without using my hands, but the shorts were wet in the front, but not all the way down.  About 15 minutes later, I finally got to the river and a second wave it me and this time, both legs of the shorts dripped a little.  The urge was relieved.

I stood around there with no idea what to do next.  I couldn’t do anything strenous because of the mess in back.  I had to wear these shorts out of the park, after all. I lost about 100ml of pee straight through my shorts and life seemed easier now.  All the times I had to go an I made it, I could have spared myself the trouble by just letting it go and saying it couldn’t be held.  Being wet is no big deal, chemically, sweat is grosser than pee anyway. It’s just that it is awkward because no one else does it.

I leaned against a large rock after a 3rd wave of desperation and had a n orgasm that I would consider a Level 2.  I walked around for a little bit and thought I would just let the rest go.  It was probably the longest pee I had in my life.  It took about 2 or 3 minutes.  The flow was slower though because I really wasn’t pushing too hard and the shorts were tight.  I had orgasmed recently so the pee is slowed by that for about 20 minutes.

I had to push hard to finish because when I pee involuntarily, for some reason, I can’t easily empty out.  I pushed hard and a slow stream trickled out as several drips on the left leg of my shorts.  I felt the vibrating pee sensation of my urethra trying to channel the pee through my penis, but there was barely anything to carry.  I rested a few minutes and then a minute long pee followed, still in my shorts.

I took a bath in the shallow creek.  It was 80 F degrees and sunny, an hour away from anybody else.  Although if a horny person was spying, I’m cool with that. It was a great day.

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  1. I’ve done that while biking. The problem with sweating like that is dehydration. That’s why you lost your urge to pee. There wasn’t a lot of liquid to pee with until you filled up again with water.

    I’ve had poop do this too, and I sort of like it. I’d rather be in control of my pooping, and will let one drop a little with me helping. Sometimes just a turd will be enough to relieve the pressure. Farting helps to do this as well, although I love holding my farts until I shit because it makes them come out harder (You’ve gotta try it sometime). The pressure relief of the farts with the poop at the same time is something I can’t describe in words!

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