upset tummy

Today I had the most intense upset stomach yet.I went to school and all class my stomach was growling and churning.. I let out multiple silent farts but they were extremely obvious because the smell. After class I went straight to the bathroom. I let out huge farts and I know people in the stall could smell it. I stood up and let out one more big fart which turned into a shaft. I got poop all over the toilet lol… Later after that my stomach was still hurting. I kept letting out smelly farts. I then went to the restroom again and let out a huge fart which turned into diarrhea. It felt so good…. After school I then went to the store. I thought my tummy was done being upset but it wasn’t. I was farting and they were loud so I hid in the back of the store to let loose. I then felt a major urge to shit. I couldn’t hold it. I rushed to the restroom and before I could make it there I had already went. I kept farting and farting idk why I was so gassy today .. As of now I’m still farting lol

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