upset stomach after getting high

so starting this morning, i consumed a tiny bit of an edible that my friend brought back for me when he went away for 420. i waited for it to kick in so i started eating. i ate a cheese stick before i went to my college, when i was in the cafeteria at my college i had wheat thins and goldfish crackers and ritz crackers that my friend brought over plus some i bought a bagel and a big chocolate muffin and a piece of marble cake cause the munchies had kicked in about an hour after consuming the edible.  then before i left the campus to catch the bus, i had a lunch special that was a bacon cheeseburger wrap with fries.  not feeling satisfied with the euphoric effects from the edible, i fired up my vaporizer when i got home.  i sat in my room vaping for about 15 minutes non stop, i vaped 2 strains at once, some blue dream and a hybrid called space kitty.  after i was done vaping, i really got the fucking munchies.  sorry if this is taking so long to get to the pooping part of the story but don’t worry it will get there.  so then after getting high as fuck from the vaporizer, i met my friend downtown at this new japanese fast food joint and i got a beef rice and onions plate.  when i got home after eating that, i had some funyuns i’d hidden in my room.  the high wore off after about 5 hours.  after the high wore off, i had some soup and ravioli.  then about a half hour later my stomach was going crazy so i put on the panties that i’ve used in the past 2 videos and ran to the bathroom.  it was extreme diarrhea that filled the panties for like 5 minutes at least.  after about a half hour later, another urge kicked in and filled the panties full again.  a third time it did this and at this point i came after i sat in the huge messy bulge.  it was a big cleanup but definitely worth it in my view.  anyway, share your stories about smoking weed and pooping your pants either below in the comments or PM me.  hope you’ve enjoyed the story, and one of these days i’ll do it again and get a diaper so i can get the action on camera

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  1. by the way i have these eye drops called rohto v that burn like fuck but made it easier to go into public while stoned

  2. When I was 16 I smoked with some friends then after they left I smoked some more then I was feeling stoned and had the munches and my cousin and his buddies came over and we smoked some more. After everyone left I was sitting on the outside sofa I had to pee and poop but I was so stoned I was like paralyzed and couldn’t get up so I ended up going in my pants……great times

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