Untitled story The Accident

 Part 1- The shitty movie      Shannon sat in her eigth period class as a full feeling grew in her bladder and bowels.  She had pissed before school but hadn't pooped gor 4 days because she was nervous about finals but just fininshed her last one and was ready to go home.She was contemplating just going at school but she was afraid class would let out before she finished pooping.  So she held on for the remaining 5 miutes.     Shannon had a hard time walking home as it seemed like everyone and their cousins wanted to talk with her and she couldn't concentrate on the pressure in her anus and pussy.  She finally got home and walked through the kitchen to go to the bathroom.  "Hi, mom" Shannon said as she passed by her mom in the kitchen.  "Honey," Her mom, Suzy, frowned as she said, "You know I told you specifically you would come home and go right to your room to study for a hour untill you pll your grades up." "But mom, I just had my last final and I really have to go." Shannon held her crotch as she stated the last line to make her mom have sympathy.  "You should of thought of that before letting your grades slip, now go to your room and you better be studying" Shannon marched to her room and did acturally study althougfh her mind felt like it was gonna explode.Her mom felt sorry for being so mean as both of them were normally very kind and never mean to each other.  She figured she would make it all better but watching a movie with her later.     As the two hours mark passes Shannon was still holding on but not by much.  "Shannon your 2 hours are up.  Why don't you come down and watch a movie with me?" "Ok mom, Let me just go to the bothroom first." "Sorry but if we dont start right now dinner will be burnt by the time the movie is finished." Shannon really had to go but when she found out the movie that her mother had rented was one she had been wanting to see for monthes she quickly ran downstairs.     Shannon was a attractive girl.  She was alittle embrassed at her height as she was on 4'11" and 15 years old.  She was a Freshman in the local highschool and was not popular but had several close friends.  She was just over 100 pounds with a small tight butt.  She had yet to have a real boyfriend although this was her choice as she had been asked out but felt she was not ready for a relationship.     Watching a movie made her need weaken but it came back at the climax.  She didn't want to leave but knew she couldn't make it through the movie. She sat next to her mother hanging on with all her might but at five minutes it was of no use, a thick turd was opening her hole.  Instead of getting up and going to the bathroom she hoped she could just go in her panties and her mother wouldn't find out.     She had done it many times before, for example three weeks ago she pooped herself in a changing room at the local clothes store because the lines for the bathroom were too long.  Other times she had shit herself coming home from school.  Normally her movements were very dry and hard and she could just turn her panties out with hardly a stain.     Shannon was remembering these times and trying to watch the movie but had a large poop moving into her panties.  Her first peice was partly out but her couch was holding it back.  She knew she was caught at this point as there was no way to get up with was felt like a tent pole holding her panties away from her butt.  She figured that she would get in less trouble if she just admitted her accident so she turned to her mother."Mom, umm..I kinda had a ...ummm...  accident." Shannon felt scared waiting for her mothers response.  "What do you mean?  Are you ok?" "Yeah, its not that kind of accident I sorta just miscalculated my ability to hold my bowels." "Do you mean you just pooped your panties?" "Ummm...yeah" "I'll deal with you after the movie." "Well, thats my problem I currently have it halfway out and ..." "Well just finish it, your panties are all ready dirty." "The couch is resricting it from coming out" "Stand up, silly"     Shannon followed her mother's advice and stood up.  Her poop continied out and making a bulge in her panties.  Suzy noticed this and watched as her 15 year old deliberitly pooped her panties.  Shannon finished her first peice and pushed and a thicker peice exited.  The good part was it was pretty short.  She continued pooping until there was a total of 6 peices in her panties and a bulge about the size of a melon.     She was ashamed but most of all mad that she hadn't made a effort to go before this.  After Shannon finished and the movie finished Suzy said that there would be no punishment for this accident but not to let it happen again or there would be hell to pay.Suzy even helped Shannon clean up. That night while lying in bed Suzy couldn't get the image of Shannon ass enlarging as a large poop moved into her panties ouyt of her head.  She wondered what it was like.  She had not had a accident except for once in a traffic jam for as long as she could remember and that once was when she was about shannon age. She decided to feel what it was like and rolled onto her stomach.  She gave a slight push and a think turd went into her knickers.  She still had lots to do but left it at that.  At three in the morning she awoke agin with intense stomach pains.  She pushed and filled her panties more and felt some go out the leg band but was too tired to care.  She then woke at 6 to get ready and go to work.       Part 2- Long lines and lots of pressure 

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  1. Good story so far. Can’t wait to see what goes on with mom and to see if the two help each other play some

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