Untie me Quick!

I did not write these stories. I decided to share them with this audience as I am a huge Supernatural fan and think Jensen Ackles is one of the sexiest men on TV.

“Sam!” Dean shouts and Sam shoots the last monster twice for good measure and runs over to Dean’s side. Dean’s staked out spread-eagle on a stone slab, heavy chains binding his hands and wrists.

“Are you alright?” he asks.

“Fine,” Dean reassures him, “those sons of bitches didn’t even get a chance to finish their chanting before you showed up. Now hurry up and untie me!” Sam nods and stares a bit more at Dean’s face, checking it for tells and Dean sighs. “I’m serious, Sammy. They just…gave me lots and lots of water.” Sam’s not all that certain but he thinks Dean might be blushing. “Please untie me, Sammy?”

Sam nods again and starts looking around for keys. Dean’s been missing for hours now and Sam thought he was going to go out of his damn mind looking for him but Dean’s here and he’s safe and Sam’s going to get him out of here real soon. Once he does, though, he’s going to check Dean completely over no matter how much Dean protests, just to make sure that Dean’s really okay.

Dean groans and Sam’s right back at his side. “I’m *fine*, Sammy—just find the damn keys!”

“Dean…” Dean’s twisting against his bonds, hips squirming against the table. He bites his lips and flexes his thighs. “I’m going to get you out of here, I promise, just hold on.” Of course Dean was flat out lying about being fine! Sam shouldn’t have thought he’d say otherwise. Dean’d be fine even if he was holding his intestines in with a spare hand!

Sam frantically ransacks the room, too keyed in to the rising panic in Dean’s muffled whines to even really think straight.

“God, please Sam!” Dean whimpers and Sam stares at him, stricken. Dean’s writhing on the table, straining against the chains, his hips rolling and flexing and his lip nearly bitten through. A surge of inspiration stabs through Sam and he starts rifling though the corpses on the ground.

The key’s in the right pocket of the fourth body he checks and Sam rushes back over to Dean who opens his eyes to stare pleadingly at Sam. “Hurry…”

“Damn it, Dean!” Sam rails. “You’re obviously not fine! Tell me what’s wrong!”

“I said I’m fine, damn it!” Dean barks.

“No you’re not! You’re in fucking pain, Dean!”

“’Cause I got to piss like a motherfucking RACEHORSE!”

And Sam freezes. “You have to what?”

“Damn it, Sam!” Dean jerks on the table, rocking his hips upwards and clenching his thighs. “I’m about to PISS myself over here so maybe you could stop arguing and start unlocking?”

Sam’s mouth is dry and his breath is coming a little too quick and he hopes like hell that Dean doesn’t notice. Dean’s writhing around on the table, chained down, clenching not in pain but… Sam closes his eyes and bites off a whimper. Dean’s about to piss himself.

“Sammy!” Dean pleads and Sam just stares helplessly down at him, knowing that he’s really got no choice now. He’d never even thought about it before but now the thought’s there and at the moment Sam can’t think of anything hotter than Dean being tied up and forced to piss himself. Dean being forced to wear the clothes he’d pissed in… “FUCK!” Dean swears and Sam stares at Dean’s crotch as the denim of his jeans is slowly soaked.

A whimper escapes Sam but Dean’s too busy cursing and wetting himself to notice. Dean strains against the chains, twisting hips and only succeeding in make the liquid seep down one leg.

When Dean finally collapses back against the table, giving up and completely soaked, Sam slowly leans over him and starts unlocking the chains. “I’m so sorry, Dean…” Sam whispers, fighting back a cocktail of arousal and guilt.

Dean sighs and closes his eyes. “It’s okay, Sammy. Just piss.” Sam nods and wonders if he can get away with smelling Dean’s crotch before he completely frees him. Dean starts to shake and Sam darts his gaze up to Dean’s face who’s laughing green eyes stare back at him. “Kind of makes you not want to know what those kinky sons of bitches were up to, doesn’t it?”

Sam smiles back, relief relaxing his body and he leans over Dean, one hand on Dean’s warm leg as he starts unlocking the chains around Dean’s ankles. While, yeah Sam really thinks he doesn’t want to know what the bad guys were up to this time, he’s kind of wondering what it’s going to take to get Dean to be willing to recreate the scene…

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