unsticky mess

(Note this story will be shortrer than my last one) About four days ago I decided to take another poop in my underwear again. Long story short, I only held it in for 2 days. At about 9:00 at night I decided to unload in my bedroom. I once again got out my tablet camera and balanced it on a lamp. I also turned on the lamp for better lighting. I bent over in my breifs and pushed. About the softest, warmest pile of poop came out of my ass. It wasn’t a log or anything, just a pile of poop. It kept coming for about 20 more seconds (it was slow) when it stopped. It felt so good that I had to sit down in it. The squish felt amazing. I stood up, but then I felt the poop falling off my butt. None of it sticked. I realized that this was poop that wouldn’t stick! I decided to lounge around for longer before changing. I pulled my underwear up so that the poop would squish against my butt. I sniffed the air and realized this poop doesn’t smell either! So I decided to go to sleep without changing. I woke up around 4:30 swearing that the lump was bigger than it was before I went to sleep. Much bigger. I had probably pooped for another ten seconds since I was asleep! It also wasn’t sticky, but I had had enough fun. I got changed and measured my briefs on a scale. 1.5 pounds! It was amazing how much I pooped. I got to keep the briefs because of the poop not sticking. Put your reactions in the comments below!

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