Unisex Restroom

I went to a local store, and it has unisex restrooms. I seen that the first was out of order. I was really needing to pee at this point. I got to the second door, and was glad it wasn’t locked. I went in and pulled my shorts down and headed towards the toilet, only to realize there was a early 60’s female setting on it. It was to late to cover my self, and started to pull my shorts up apologized. She said no worries and said she would only be a minute and I could stay. She said that I must really need to go the way I came in, I said I needed to pee. She reach and tugged my shorts down, my now hardening cock was back out. She spread her legs and told me to go ahead. I didn’t have time to ask if she was sure as I aimed my cock between her legs, as I was watching where I was going I seen her stream start as well, as I finished she was still going and my cock went hard. She leaned forward taking it in her mouth and began sucking on it. She was sucking me when I heard a plop in the toilet, followed by a couple more. I thought I was going to cum right then. She then stood up and turned around and bent over to get some toilet paper too wipe, My cock was just inches away from her dirty butthole. I asked if I could wipe it for her. She said absolutely and when she scooted back my cock met her dirty butthole and she didn’t move and moaned a little. I put a little pressure forward and she moaned again, dropped the toilet paper and pushed back against me. My cock slipped in and I started moving it in and out. This didn’t last long before I cum in her ass. She set back down and let my cum drip out and stood up and let me wipe her. I was still semi hard and went to the sink and washed my cock with soap and water. When I was done she asked if I wanted her number to come by her house and do it again. I told her I absolutely did.

This is a true store and can’t wait to go see her again!

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  1. Mmmm I love it I hope you have lots of fun mature ladies have a lot to offer and no bun in the oven problems

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