Unexpedited poop

Today start out like a normal day. I decided that I wanted to go to a couple of stores and was a little tight on time. So in the rush I decided I wasn’t going to wear a diaper like I do on most shopping trips, well as the day progress I had this urge that I had to poop but nothing major just a little pressure but this happens to me sometimes and didn’t think much about it. I had went to the first store and picked up the things I needed, when I started driving I started to get cramps and I knew I needed to go poop and soon. Of course traffic was terrible but I was hanging in there without to much problems just a few cramps. As I pull up to the next store I’m thinking I made it I can hold it in for a couple more minutes, as I’m walking into the store the cramps are getting really strong at this point I begin to question whether I will make it, I entered the store to find out from the girl at the cash register that the restroom is in the back of the store, as I hurry to get there I feel a huge cramp and the next thing I know I’m pooping a huge thick poop into my pants. At this point I know i already have pooped so I stopped and pushed another big poop out. After finishing with that I did my shopping filled with poopy pants, got a couple weird looks but nothing more went to the checkout and paid a lady behind me was looking at my butt but never said anything. I got in my car and the poop squirmed all over my pants , I then drove home and cleaned up. It was very exciting feeling to do this in front of people and will probably do it again.

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  1. Good for you! Glad you enjoyed it! Did you masturbate afterwards, like I always do? I do all mine in private, but I might do it in public some time. I don’t use diapers; I just poop into my swim trunk briefs which hold it pretty good – unless it is runny or soupy. Then it will bleed thru and spill out over my leg openings. I’ll have to try it in public sometime. I have had my trunks full before and was chatting with a group of campers. . I don’t think anyone knew I shit in my briefs. I only wore the briefs (nothing over them) and they were super tight . When anyone looked at my ass, they wouldn’t see the bulge very well. My trunks evenly distribute the poop throughout the briefs voiding any open spaces. Problem is, if I poop too much I’ll get run-over at the wasteband in back and the leg openings. If I sit in them – poop squezzes out the leg openings . I try not to sit in it until I’m away from people.

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