Uncontroled Morning Pooping

For years now I have had a weak bowel muscle and have had to go poo very quickly. I get the urge to go and then must find a toilet or fill the seat of my pants. I have only 60 to 90 seconds and then it comes out. I cannot hold it in and once it starts, I cannot stop it. I have a complete bowel movement in my pants. Since I have very little time to make it to a facility, I wear diapers all day long. I have found that pull ups and pads do not hold the mess that a full fitted diaper does. I wear poly backed attends diapers that are good to hold a full poop.

Now that I got older, it seems that when I get the urge to go, and start walking, it all starts to come out. I cannot even make it to the next room when it happens. I now put on a full diaper each morning and have my poop. Usually I do it after breakfast, but there is no set time and no way I can control it. I fill the seat of my diaper each day now. I have stopped trying to go to the toilet and just fill my diaper when the urge its. I have found that I really like wearing and using the diapers. I have such a strong urge to go and then such relief when it happens. I will be in daytime diapers for the rest of my life as the doctors tell me there is no surgery that is successful for the weak muscle and its releasing the poo. I will enjoy my morning diaper poop and any other time that I get the urge to go.

Since I am in diapers for the poo problem, I also tend to wet my diapers. Especially when I go out, I pee in the diapers as needed since it is on me and I do not need to wait. it is very nice to be able to go when you need to and not worry about holding or finding a facility. I totally am into my full fitted brief diapers. I would love to hear about anyone else having the same type problems and or use of diapers. if so I would love to hear your comments. Writing this I just had to poop and did so in my diaper. I am going to change the messy diaper right now.

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