Uncle Bill & Harry – Camping Trip

It was about two years ago, in the month of August when my Uncle Bill invited me on a camping trip. We have gone camping before and always had a good time: fishing, swimming, cooking on an open fire – etc.

We left on a Saturday morning, bright and early – going to be about a 6 hour drive to the camp grounds. Several hours into the drive, we pulled over to grab some lunch and strech our legs. We arrived at the camp ground around 2pm and started to set up the tent and get things organized, put the beer and food on ice – normal camping stuff.

As we were unloading the car, I noticed Uncle Bill grabbed two sleeping bags. He noticed that I was looking and said that Harry was going to join us this time. I’ve met Harry once before, tall, pleasant guy – but I did get a weird feeling about him..

About 20 minutes later, Harry arrives. We both help him put his stuff away, either in the tent or the coolers. It was around 5pm when we started to have a few beers – sitting around the camp fire – shooting the shit. It was a hot August afternoon – the three of us were just wearing T-Shirts and Shorts. It seemed like for every beer that I drank I had to get up and take a piss over in the woods. After a couple more beers, I stood up and realized that I was starting to get a tab drunk, walked over to the woods and starting to piss even before I could unzip my shorts – took off my T-Shirt to cover the front of my shorts and walked back to the camp fire.

Mikey (me), yes Uncle Bill – you’re going to get bitten alive, put your shirt back on. Uncle Bill, I really can’t – I kind of had an accident. Guess I’ve had to many beers. We all have accidents at times Mikey, it’s okay – put your shirt back on. So, I pulled the shirts out from the front of my shorts and put it on. Damn boy, looks like you fully pissed those shorts said Harry. Like I said Harry, it was an accident, I’ll be more careful next time I need to piss. Uncle Bill and Harry started to laugh – than Uncle Bill said, boy I think you need to be put into a diaper then you won’t have to worry about going into the woods to take a piss. With that, Harry got up and walked over to his car and came back carrying a box – Hey, Bill I have the diapers right here for our boy. More laughter from the two of them – sorry guys, put I don’t wear diapers, it was just an accident. Well, boy you are going to start now said Harry.

Harry had my arms behind my back and Uncle Bill was taking off my shorts and underwear. Damn boy, looks like your getting exciting. It was true, I was getting a boner. Uncle Bill than pulled a diaper from the box, now boy hold still or your going to make matters worse. Uncle Bill slid the diaper under my butt and taped up both side. There you go boy, all done – your diaper is on. Harry released my arms and both guys stood back – boy, you look good in that diaper and since we have a box full of them – your going to stay diapered 24/7.

Well guys, I’m not going to use them. Both of them looked at me – boy, you don’t have a choice in the matter. You pissed in your pants, now your going to piss in your diaper or we will for you. Now, just relax and have some more beers.

After a few more beers, Harry stood up – boy is that diaper wet yet. Harry, I’m not going to piss in this diaper. The truth being, I had to take a leak but was holding it. Uncle Bill was now standing up – boy, stand up. I stood up and this time Uncle Bill had my arms behind my back. Harry came closer – well boy, I need to piss like a race horse. With that Harry pulled his dick out of his shorts – came real close to me and stuck the dick head into the waste band of the diaper – here you go boy. With that, I felt Harry’s hot piss – slow at first, than full force fill the front of my diaper. When he was done, he put his dick back into his shorts – I than felt the back of my diaper getting pissed into – I did not realize that Uncle Bill took his dick out and placed it in the back of the diaper – There you go boy – your first piss filled diaper. Now sit back down and finish that beer. When I sat down, it felt like I was swimming in piss. A few minutes later, I started to pee in the diaper and couldn’t stop. The diaper started to leak and a small puddle of piss was forming where I was sitting.

Looks like boy has just taken his first diaper piss – didn’t you boy? I had to go and I could stop. Not a problem boy that is what your diaper is for and you will be in diapers this entire camping trip and both Bill and I will be filling them up for you – piss and shit.

Uncle Bill stood up and said that he would be back in about 15 to 20 minutes. He grabbed a fresh beer, walked over to the car, grabbed something else that I could see and walked off.

Well, boy – lets have another drink. Grab us both a beer from the cooler and bring one over to me. I did as I was told, handed him his beer and he grabbed my arm – you now boy, your Uncle and I are going to have fun with you, than he released my arm. A few minutes later, I heard Uncle Bill walking back to the camp fire. Beer in one hand, which he threw in the trash can and a container in the other. Boy, can you grab your Uncle a beer. Again I got up and walked over to the cooler, Uncle Bill was behind me. As I stood up, I felt the back of the diaper wastband open up – thinking to myself, here comes more piss… Uncle Bill had opened the container and started to dump it into the back of the diaper. Harry started to laugh – all I could feel was mushy stuff running down my butt and hitting my hole and the smell of shit. Uncle Bill turned me around – that’s your first load of shit in your first pissed filled diaper boy. Uncle Bill grabbed the beer from my hand – now boy, go sit back down – I’m sure Harry will be having to take a shit soon which will be going done the front of your diaper.


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