unbelievable dump

Yeasterday I had been holding my shit for two days. Finally by late afternoon my back had sarted to hurt from all that pessure in my rectum. I gave in and decided to release my load. it started with a 2″ x 8″ turd. This was followed by a 2″ x14″ neverending turd that curled up and around the bowl filling the hole. The last two turds were 2″ x6″ and when the pile was done the 14″er was pookinking out of the water. I attempted twice to flush that mound ,but the water simply rose to the top of the bowl. I finally had to use a brush to mash that load to get it to flush.

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  1. WOW! That is a lot of shit! To bad you did not do all that shit in your underwear. That would have been a great load to sit in.

  2. yea, but I would have had to keep making room for each turd as it slid out. My pants would had been really sagging and might have fallen off.

  3. I would like to see you drop that load in your pants and walk around.

  4. That’s an awesome load. I agree that would have been a real hot one in your pants! I love a crap like that.

  5. I’d absolutely loved to have watched that come out of your ass and fill your underpants as they bulged downward, not to mention listening to the sound of all that poop coming out along with smelling your load in your underpants. What a huge load to feel and play with.

  6. nice dude shoot for three days next time! u know u will like the bloating, farting, and how fuckin huge the log is when u finally release.

  7. Amazing indeed ! I can’t hold it much more than one 24 hour period. Very exciting to read and think about….of course my thoughts were not doing it in the toilet…hehe….

  8. That would make a very nice huge load in your underpants. With that amount the bulge would have been fantastic and I’d love to lay in bed with all that poop and make a huge mess in bed and then hump my hard cock in it.

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