Unable to Hold

This is a true story of what happened to me a few years back. I hope you all enjoy reading it! Let me know, & I’ll post other tales. I live in a town which is about 15 miles West/South West of a big city. I had been up to the city for a night out & missed the last train home at midnight. Then, I remembered that there was a bus left from the City Centre about 1.30 am – the last bus. I went along & waited. After about 15/20 minutes, the bus came along & I got on. As I sat in my seat, I thought ‘oops, I should have gone to the bathroom first’ – I was aware of my bladder, but thought well-it’s only half an hour till I get to my town, and I knew that there was a mens’ toilet at my bus stop that was open 24 hours. What I didn’t realise – and found out to my horror – was that this bus didn’t take the direct route home. Instead, it meandered its way through some of the suburbs, and then out into the country, then over the hill, & finally down into my town. Altogether, this journey took well over an hour. As I sat there, I was needing to pee more & more badly, and of course the rocky, bumpy ride of the bus was only making things worse. After about half an hour, I was really uncomfortable, in quite a bit of pain, actually. I didn’t know what to do! I was wearing light blue tight fitting jeans, and tight white briefs & there were quite a lot of people on the bus. I then thought – I’ll get off the bus at the next stop, relieve myself, and get the next bus. Then, I remembered that the next bus would not be till around 6.30 am – about 5 hours later!! I obviously didn’t want to hang around the streets of an unknown area for that length of time. By now, I was really desperate to pee – my absolute holding limit was very very close. I thought – there’s nothing else for it – I’m going to have to get off at the next stop & ask the bus driver to wait for me – after all, most bus drivers must have the same problem from time to time – bursting to go to the bathroom & have to stop somewhere. Just my luck – the next stop seemed to be several light years away! And I was VERY VERY desperate indeed. I had leaked a bit & was showing a damp patch on my jeans. At last, the bus slowed down, but as I got up to go & tell the driver my problem, I just totally lost all control. My pee just gushed out & out & out & out & out! I thought I was never going to finish, but eventually I did. My jeans, briefs, & the seat were saturated, and there was a huge puddle all over the floor. But, God, what a refief! By the time that happened, several people had got off the bus, & it was too late to do anything about it anyway. There was still about half an hour to go before we reached my town, & by the time we got there, I had to use the bathroom again! Anyway, the bus stopped, & I got off & ran into the 24 hour toilet at the stop. I could hear someone coming in behind me – it was the driver. He stood beside me at the urinal, and as he unzipped & pulled out he started to pee straight away – then he turned to me & said –“ I didn’t make that! I wet my pants on the bus!”

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  1. Shoes? Don’t exactly remeber -apart from the fact they were wet! My pee ran furiously down both legs & apart from my white bikini briefs & jeans being soaked, my socks & shoes got a doing too! Probably Adidas trainers – my usual

  2. Sounds familiar-this has happened to me a couple of times on the last bus home.Sounds like the nr 8 from Mancs to Bolton-that seems to go all round the houses!

  3. Would have loved you to sit on my lap en then peed your pants… I did that with a friend some years ago, it was awesome

  4. Very Nice Story, I had an accident once while driving.

    I was in a tunnel traffic had stopped and there was traffic all around me, I( had to pee so desperately it wasn’t funny.

    After a few minutes I had no choice but to pee in my pants, no sooner I did the the traffic started to move, Go Figure. My pants were so soaked as was the seat.

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