Diaper prison

Alex was 18 and had a good future ahead of her as she planned to go to university after she left school. However these plans were soon to change as when she was out with some friends drinking she had drank so much she wet herself and then continued to pull down her panties and poop onto the ground of the street. As she was pooping a police officer saw her and let her finish before arresting her for pooping openly in a public space. Little did she know This was the last time she would see any of her friends. The police officer took Alex to the diaper corrections prison which is a prison were all the inmates are made to wear and use diaper all day everyday until they are released. Alex was taking into the new arrivals centre to be checked in to her new home until her court date.alax was checked in and giving a cup of water mixed with some mixture that would take away her drunkness and put her to sleep. Once Alex was a sleep a female officer took Alex away in a wheelchair through some secure locking doors labelled changing area. This is where all new inmates were taking to be changed whilst they were sleeping. Behind the doors were three adult sized changing tables and many bags of female adult diapers. There were two other inmates being changed and Alex was put up onto table. the officer removed Alex’s shoes and then proceeded to pull down her skirt. To reveal her pink thong she was wearing. It was also removed. The officer picked up some baby powder from under the table and covered Alex’s vagina and bum with it. The officer put Alex’s ankles in two straps and pressed a button which lifted Alex’s legs in the air so a diaper could be fitted. The officer pulled out a medium sized diaper and placed it under Alex. It was soon fastened up and her legs were lowered. Next up was to remove Alex’s top and then her bra. Alex had a set of good round breasts for her age. All inmates were left only in there diaper on the table until they woke up. About half an hour after having the mixture Alex was awake and so were the other two inmates. Officers then began to explain the situation and what would be happening. All of the inmates were put on their feet and made to line up single file behind one another. Chains were attached to there ankles and around there wais so they were all attached to each other. The inmates were walked to a holding cell were they would be held until there court date which Alex still didn’t no and wouldn’t until an officer took her away. The inmates were unlocked from there chains and locked in there cell. The cell consisted of three adult cribs and three baby bouncers suspended from the ceiling. Each inmate was assigned a crib they had to use and the same with a the bouncers. TBC

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