Punished by aunt part three

Once I had removed myself from the machine my aunt told me to go back in to her room and to get a new diaper laid out on the bed. I pulled a diaper from the packet and unfolded it and layed it onto the bed. When my aunt came through she lay down on the bed and asked me to change her diaper. I pulled away the flaps and revealed a diaper filled with my own poop. I also got to see my aunts vigina. She asked me to wipe her vagina with a wet wipe and also her bum. After I had wiped her she stood up from the bed. She picked up the fresh diaper and layed it onto the floor before squating down and pushing out a large solid log of poop into the diaper. Sh also let some pee fall onto the poop as well. Once she had finished the diaper on the bed was emptied out and into the one my aunt had just used. I was ordered to lay down on the diaper and my aunt powdered me and closed the diaper, I felt the many piles of poop against my bum with every step but I actually liked wearing a messy diaper especially with somebody else’s poop in it. My aunt put herself in a clean diaper and we both went down stairs. What had started as a punishment turned into a fun experience. I still had to get put on the fucking machine for an hour but my aunt made the dildo go through my diaper. Then added an fresh one to cover the hole she made. My self and my aunt wore the same diaper all week whilst I was there and by the end of the week we could hardly walk. We also gave each other several orgasms through our diapers and shared the same bed that slept in all week. I would definitely visit my aunt more often so we could have the same experience.

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