Punished by auntie

This experience all happened when I was visiting my auntie over a bank holiday weekend. I was alone and so was my auntie. I arrived on Saturday morning as she didn’t live to far away from myself. I arrived and was shown to my room where I would sleep for the next couple days. After I had unpacked and settled in we both sat down for a coffee and a catch up. I told her how my first year at college was going after leaving school. We talked for ages and had about three coffees. This made me need to pee so I went to the toilet and relieved myself. I needed so much I couldn’t control it and it it the seat and some went to the floor. I was unaware of how much pee didn’t make it into the toilet but I cleaned up most of the mess that I could see. As I opened the door my auntie was standing waiting to get in. As soon as she opened steped in she said what a messy I’ve made and that I would be punished. She instructed me to go upstairs and sit on her bed. A couple of minutes later she was in the room with a box in her hand it was a very large box and was solid black so I couldn’t see what was inside. She looked the bedroom door and asked me to strip naked. I didn’t hesitate to do it as I knew she would spank me even at the age of eighteen and I could still remember her spanking me as a child. Once I was undressed and fully naked she opened the box to reveal a packet of TENA adult diapers and many other items. She asked me to lay down on the bed and then she could put a diaper on me. She placed the diaper under my bum and powdered my front before closing my diaper. She then said I had to pick two rules to add to her rules of my punishment. She said to pick two numbers from one to five. I didn’t know what each number was but for the reader this is what they meant.
1. Made to take three laxatives each morning
2. Have dildo inserted a kept in whilst dispered for thirty minutes
3. Auntie can use my diaper as her toilet.
4. Bound to sex machine for one hour.
5. Poop my diaper in front of my aunt whenever I need.
I was given a dice to roll and if I rolled a six I had to roll it again. I rolled the dice and it landed on number five and my second roll landed on number four. TBC

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