Two Wheels And Burning To Pee

After graduating college, I vacationed with some friends on the island of Maui. On our first day, we all awoke to a tropical downpour of rain. We spent our morning drinking MaiTais and planning out our day. Around 10:00 the sun broke out and began to warm the day. My friends and I had been all itching to bicycle ride to the beach. In my haste getting ready, and throwing on my Speedos, I set aside the fact that I needed to pee. I figured; “No worries,” I would just stop at a secluded spot along the road and re-leave myself.

It was a beautiful day with blue sky, big billowy clouds, and a blistering sun. An hour into the ride I really needed to stop and re-leave myself. Passing a hotel, a group of girls started cycling along side us. Now I was too embarrassed to stop the group to re-leave myself. Burning to pee, I peddled on. As we made our way to the beach, the road still had puddles of rainwater spilling across it. The cycling group plowed through the puddles full speed. It was fun, water sprayed everywhere. As I plowed through the puddles, water sprayed off my tires and splattered my crotch. The sprayed water instantly penetrated my Speedos. The cool wetness felt refreshing between my legs. Now all I could think about was my burning need to pee.

Not wanting to stop, I took up cycling behind the last girl, noticing that everyone was sprinkled with wetness from the last rain puddle. I figured that no one would ever notice if I let go a little spurt of pee in my Speedos. Thinking about wetting myself made me erect. As no one seemed to be watching me, I let go a little pressure re-leaving pee spurt. I momentarily looked down to see the shinnyness of warm pee break the surface of my Speedos and seep down my shaft. It felt so good, that I let go a longer pressure relieving pee spurt. This time I felt a warm wetness soak my shaft and flood my crotch. The crotch and inner thighs of my Speedos became shinny with warm wet pee. I became little embarrassed with how good it felt. Not wanting to be noticed, I sat back down on my seat. Glancing down, I watched as warm shinny pee squeezed out of the crotch as I sat backward.

Rounding the next corner we all passed through a rain puddle that freshly sprayed each rider in the crotch with water. We were all now dripping wet from the waist down. With my bladder bursting, I knew that this was my chance to be “Bad” without anyone noticing. I then flooded my crotch non-stop with warm wet pee. I looked down to see shinny warm wetness spread across my thighs and flow down my legs. I was so re-leaved to be finally peed out.

At the beach I showered off at the public shower, happy with the day’s events.

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