Two twinky boys in a hotel room

Unusually, Grindr had pulled through for once and a kinky young twink was visiting London from the North, had a hotel room and no plans. Me, bored at work got to talking and it was please. To discover it would be an easy journey from me to him on the tube.

We made a pact, drink 2l of water 2hrs+ before meeting up. Toilet use was banned. He had started earlier than me and, even with well over an hour to go, I was getting messaged that he wasn’t sure he could hold it in anymore…. Perfect.

I was beginning to struggle too by the time I hopped on the tube to him. He was staying in a hotel in canary wharf, all tall glass buildings and no soul. Finding the hotel was actually harder than I thought so it was taking more time than expected , at this point he sent a pic to confirm he was leaking a bit and I was really struggling to not wet myself amongst all the businessmen.

Finally,. I arrive at the hotel room door, he opens it in red briefs with a small but noticeable wet patch. We chat for a bit in a friendly but slightly awkward way and then he says he just can’t hold anymore.

I thought we’d go to the bathroom, but he went straight to the bed with some towels already on and asked me to join. I lay down and he straddled me, both still in our boxers/briefs. And then he let it go.

He wasn’t lying, he was bursting and it flooded his briefs and was streaming down over my abs. Him being super Twinky made this all the hotter. We changed positions and he got his hard dick out and was peeing over himself and I rubbed him all over and got a suck or two in between spurts.

After the initial deluge we settled in for our other shared kink, fisting. He was way tighter than me so I tried to get as much is as I could, but had to settle for fingers. We then swapped and his small wristed fist fell right in and he was working me good.

The towels were getting cold so we folded them up and heading to the bathroom to finish peeing. He sat on the loo and I was trying to pee on him, but it wasn’t happening. Then, with just piss for lube, he shoved his fist right in while I was standing above him. He began ruthlessly punching my hole and I lost all control of my bladder. Each punch saw more and more pee stream out of my hard dick over him and the toilet, completely involuntarily. What an amazing feeling and once of the hottest moments ever!

After we showered and warmer up we tried his ass again to no avail, he flipped me over and got nearly to double on me, the closest I’d gotten at that point.

We then hugged, agreed to meet again and stay in touch and I left with a trashed ass and an empty bladder.

Such a good rendez-vous, we were so smooth, wet and loose by the end. The poor cleaners the next day must have been so confused!

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