Two Surfers Messing Levis Together

My first jeans pooping experience was with another guy my best surfing mate. We were both 19yo and had 29 inch waists, washboard stomachs and tight butts. We both thought each other was str8 but were both physically and mentally turned on by each other. Anyway my buddy suggested we both go to a surplus/disposal store and buy some new Levis together and go out and have a few drinks ( I thought he wanted to meetup with some chicks). The store we went to only had one stall to try on clothes so we went in together, pulled down our construction workshorts and both discovered neither wore underpants. As we pulled on the stiff Levis (as they were very heavily starched in those days) we started to get aroused. He grinned and so did I. Robby said “I think we are gonna have to wear these jeans out because Im as hard as a rock”. Anyway he suggested we rip the cardboard tags off the buttcheek pockets of our jeans and then go pay for them. We both noticed we had heavy skid marks in our shorts too. The guy at the counter put our shorts in a plastic bag and we left with our new Levis on.


We went to a bar and started drinking and eating heaps of greasy food. By closing we were still horny but somewhat drunk. We decided to go down to the beach. There he grabbed the arse of my Levis and rode them up my butt crack and said that he wanted me to get off with him. I had not done this with a guy before but was very aroused. Next thing he takled me to the sand and we started wrestling. The stiff denim against my cock and arse felt great. I told him I needed to take a dump real bad and he just grinned and told me to fill my jeans. I had done this by myself before by myself heaps of times so just grunted and started. That minute he let me up and started fingering the arse of my new jeans and I cupped my hand under his and the next minute felt this bulge the size or a grapefruit load up his jeans. By this time we just had the fly of our jeans open and were going for it. It felt so good and we agreed we would leave our jeans on and stay down the beach and keep getting off on our filled jeans. We actually fell asleep together and pooped and wanked again as the sun rose. Then we decided to leave our jeans on for the day and hang around the beach. Finally we just went for a swim and washed the jeans out as best we could and then lay around in them and let them dry. Didnt talk to each other for a few weeks and then he rang me and asked if I wanted to do it again. We surfed and did that for two years. It was just our thing to poop our jeans or shorts together. Unfotunately he started experimenting with drugs (as was part of the surfing scene) and I lost him throuigh an accidental overdose – he was only 22.Never had a buddy like that since. We were continually bouncing off each other mentally and physically and the pooping was our form of mateship and intimacy.


Surfers, cowboys and tradies/labourers can be dirty too and I have met a few along the way.


Boy would I like to meet another guy who is like that. Have met others along the way but all transient.


By the way this is not fantasy – it actually is part of my life and thought some of you might enjoy it.


Any likeminded guys – please contact me.

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  1. I thought, as I was reading that story, that it had the ring of truth about it. I am very glad you met someone who suited your tastes, but I am very sorry to hear you lost him to drugs – I too lost a good mate to a drugs overdose. Ah well, keep on searching for another, is all we can do – Hope you find yours soon – Good luck with that and thanks for sharing a really great story!

  2. i do this often but by myself. love to hang out withsome like you did and do this.

  3. One friend when we were teens, we both had very pooped looking underwear. We’d go hiking or camping and mess them a little and then check out the damage when we stopped to pee. If we got carried away and pooped them full, we’d just empty them out and put them back on.

  4. Sooo hot:) I’m in Sydney & would love to hot & dirty with you filling our jeans & would Realy love to have you wearing a pair of my undies under em totally filling them too:):) then ill wear them to work in my truck thinking you have totally shit your jeans wearing them:):) hot?

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