Two Stinky Bears

It was always a joy to head out looking for them, especially in a bar like this. A very large bar designed for people like him. As the heavyset man walked around the building, all he could see were giant human beings all cramped inside tight jeans and shirts, young and old men who were overweight–or obese like him. He couldn’t take two steps without smelling musk and sweat in the air, and the dark-skinned man struggled to keep his boner under control. He knew where to find him; he texted him earlier, said it would be a pleasure to meet the Internet sensation. Big Jim looked at his phone and the photo the man sent to him before he grinned widely. He slipped the phone back inside his pocket before he walked over to the bar, where he spotted more thick-gutted men drinking and eating nachos. But there was one man in particular Big Jim set his eyes on. He walked over to him, taking note that no one else was sitting close to him. Then he sat down on the stool to his right, causing the stool to creak beneath the weight of his fat ass.

“Who ordered the thick chocolate man with a gut big enough to smother you to death?”

The other man turned and looked at Big Jim, his lips covered in hot sauce. Big Jim looked at the man and nearly got hard. He was a thick-gutted beast, his arms hairy–probably his feet and belly too. He wore wide jeans that his tree-trunk legs and humongous rump couldn’t take, with a pair of sweaty boxers underneath. He was also wearing a light green short-sleeved flannel shirt with a white T-shirt underneath–both of which were too small for the man. Jim could see his big gut poking out beneath his shirts and extending far beyond the waistband of his jeans. His face was large, his hair was blonde and spiky, and he had a scruffy beard on his jawline that matched his hair colors. The man stared at Big Jim and snorted.

“Must’ve been a wrong order. All I see is a fat bitch who needs a bath.”

Big Jim laughed. “Please. I could smell you all the way from the entrance.”

The man scrunched up his face and turned away from Jim. “Phew. Least you can’t smell my breath from the entrance.”

The black man nodded. “Playing hard to get, eh? All right. Fine by me.”

Big Jim turned away and ignored the man. He knew what made him tick. All he had to do was waft his stinking ass beneath his nostrils and he’d come running. Jim gestured for the bartender to get him a basket of chili fries smothered with chopped onions. The fat black man only had to wait a moment before he returned with the fat and salt-enriched meal. The two men ate in silence, not even bothering to look at one another. Big Jim knew his stomach was gurgling and his bowels were heavy, ready to be emptied. So Jim nonchalantly rose from his stool just high enough to take his ass off the seat. He farted wetly twice, feeling a few wet stains on his underwear. Then there was a muffled, wet, splattering sound, followed by Big Jim grunting. The dark-skinned man shoveled more chili fries into his mouth and smacked on the scrumptious meal. Then he pushed hard, and the man sitting beside him stopped eating after hearing a thick squelch, followed by some nasty crackling. He couldn’t help but look at the seat of Big Jim’s white pants–which were now slightly bloated and a bit stained. Then Big Jim exhaled with much relief and smiled.

“Whew! That feels much better!”

The bloated black man sat down nonchalantly. He made sure he sat slowly so his excrement would crackle and squish as he flattened it with his repugnant ass. Then Jim resumed shoveling the fries into his mouth as the air around him quickly began to stink. The blonde-haired man couldn’t stop staring. He couldn’t stop gazing at Jim’s filthy pants. And he also couldn’t keep his erection in his jeans down. The burly beast whimpered twice as he looked down and noticed a small stain on the front of his pants. Big Jim stared at the other man and grinned.

“Something wrong?”

The blonde man exhaled twice and started to sweat as he looked around the bar. “Jesus. Did you have to do that now?”

Jim chuckled. “Of course! How else would I be able to let this whole bar know that you enjoy chunky fellas shitting their pants?!”

The blonde man huffed and fished out his wallet. He hurriedly threw a twenty-dollar bill on the bar before he grabbed Big Jim’s arm and stormed out of the building, jerking the giant black man along the way. The other man shoved the front door open and the two giant men headed outside. Big Jim stood out in the chilly parking lot while the other man started to pant heavily.

“You can’t just…just do that outta nowhere! Shit, give me a heads-up at least.”

Big Jim folded his arms. “If I had, that would ruin everything I stand for. I like surprises. And I like my guests being surprised.”

The blonde man scratched his spiky head and blushed. “Well, you surprised me all right. I’m, uh, I’m Troy.”

“I’m hard.”

Troy smirked. “Funny. Since you already went ahead and spoiled all the fun, let’s head back to my place and–”

Troy stopped talking when Jim put a hand on his shoulder. The burly black man walked up to Troy’s face and grinned widely.

“You hurt my feelings back there! I mean, really hurt them. Talkin’ ’bout my breath, how fat I am. You called me a bitch. Hehe, if you’ve seen my videos–which I know you have–then you would know that I’m anything but.”

Troy smiled meekly. “I-I was just foolin’ is all! You know I didn’t mean any of that!”

“Regardless…you need to make it up to me. Now.”

Troy scratched the back of his head. “Right…right here? I-I mean, someone might see us. I can’t get arrested for blowing you in public.”

“I’m not talking about a blowjob. No, in order for me to forgive you, you…or rather, we need to get a little bit dirty. So how’s about I treat you to some real food, hmm?”

Troy blinked and shrugged. “That’s it? Dining with you don’t seem all that bad.”

Big Jim grinned. “Oh, we’re not just dining normally…”

“What does that mean?”

The black man grinned. “You’ll see.”


Seven restaurants, and nearly fifteen pounds of food later, Jim and Troy were both resting inside of the latter’s pickup truck. Both of them were sitting down, rubbing their extremely corpulent bellies and trying to digest all the food they consumed. It took them over four hours to eat all their meals, but it was finally in their bellies now, on their way to be turned into shit. Troy closed his eyes and moaned as he looked down at his peach-colored belly. It was so distended that the belly-button looked like it was about to pop out. Troy patted his thick gut and poked it with a finger. Big Jim opened his mouth and belched heartily, tasting various tacos and burritos on his breath. He glanced over at the oversized Caucasian man and blinked.


Troy groaned again as he unzipped his pants. “Fuck…feels like I’m about to pop!”

Jim snickered. “‘Explode’ is a better way of looking at it. Whew…sure am stuffed! Almost overflowing now!”

Troy leaned over and pushed out a gruff fart into the driver’s seat. Then he exhaled and chuckled. “Smells like I am too!”

“Good. Then you won’t mind what’s coming next!”

Big Jim patted his bloated gut as it grumbled at him. Troy gritted his teeth as he felt a giant ball of shit moving through his bowels. He groaned twice and let out another small pocket of gas before he stopped himself from going too far. Big Jim adjusted the seat in the truck so he was leaning back more and promptly reached forward. The obese man turned on the heater inside the truck until it was nearly at full blast. Troy flared his nostrils and noticed that the odor inside the vehicle was gradually growing more and more. Jim let his stomach gurgle for a moment before he leaned forward and bent down. The giant chubby man reached down and untied his shoes. Then he sat back up and exhaled as he casually pushed his shoes off his big feet. The corpulent man wiggled his toes after taking off his tennis shoes and exhaled.

“Go on, big man! Relax!”

Troy jokingly fanned a hand in front of his nose. “Smells like you’re relaxed enough!”

Jim grinned. “Like I said, you owe me for earlier! Now take your shoes off. I wanna make sure this stink lasts in your truck for weeks.”

Troy blinked. He looked down at his giant boots and blinked. Then he shrugged and grunted as he pushed both boots off his fat feet. Troy looked down at his gray socks after they were exposed inside the truck and sighed beside Jim. The raunchy smell of sweaty feet and dirty socks started to mix in with the stench of Jim’s brown ass and Troy’s flatulence. Troy blinked and sighed as he tried to relax. But his bowels were still irritating him; the blonde-haired man was still trying to keep it all together.

“Fuck. Smells like someone shit themselves in the gym’s locker room,” Troy muttered.

“And you enjoy that smell, dont’cha?”

Troy smirked. “Maybe.”

Jim leaned over and passed gas again. His flatulence was muffled beneath the passenger seat and the soft pile of slurry simmering in his underwear. Big Jim looked over at Troy and noticed that his boner was bulging against his jeans. The man flared his nostrils several times before he looked over at the huge man and started to grab his crotch. He reached over as Jim lifted his shirt, revealing his smooth, moist, plump hairy gut. Troy licked his lips as he started to rub Jim’s sleek stomach and played with the various tufts of hair around his belly-button. Troy’s hand slowly moved down towards Jim’s zipper, at which point the man smacked Troy’s hand away.

“Ow! The hell was that for?”

Jim grinned. “You’ll see.”

Troy kept staring at Big Jim as the man shifted around in his seat. The giant black man caused the chair and truck to creak as Jim turned himself around and positioned himself so his fat ass was right against the heater’s vent. Then he relaxed and let out a vicious sputtering fart that stank of baked beans and his previous bowel movement. Due to the heater, the stench was spread all around the truck within seconds, causing Troy to sniff deeply and rub his crotch.

“Phew…so smelly…”

Troy was about to reach over and grab Jim’s big rump when he leaned over and felt his bowels widening again. The blonde-haired man whimpered and wrapped his arms around his belly, whilst Big Jim crawled into the man’s back seats and lied on his back. Troy could feel the wet spots already forming on his jeans. He was about to get down and dirty with one of his favorite Internet sensations.

“C’mere, big boy,” Jim growled.

Troy panted as he climbed over the middle of his truck and got into the spacious back seat along with Jim. He crawled on top of the man, his legs on either side of him. Troy crawled forward so he was just above Jim’s face. Everytime the black man spoke, Troy would scrunch up his face or wave a hand in front of his nose.

“What? Too strong for you?”

“Yeah. Goddamn, you need to stop eating so much shit!”

Jim chuckled. “Then you all need to stop feeding it to me. Oh, and no taking our clothes off.”

Troy frowned. “What?”

“Hehe, your cock ain’t goin’ nowhere near my ass, big boy! Before we leave, yer gonna fill up them pants!”

Troy blinked. “You…y-you know I only watch.”

“Noooooo, no, you’ve ‘experimented’ before; I can tell. You all have this look in your eyes, that confused yet horny gaze. You don’t know why you get turned on by this, but you do. I know you enjoy watching other people shit their pants…but perhaps you should start doing it too.”

Troy huffed as his stomach churned so loudly that it hurt. The beefy, hairy man exhaled twice as he felt his asshole expanding. The first log of shit was almost turtle-heading. He couldn’t stop it now–no matter how hard he tried. Troy got on his knees and looked down at Jim as he lied still. Then Troy gritted his teeth as he put his hands on his stomach, feeling something move.

“Oh shit. Shit, shit, SHIT!”

“Oh yeah! There’s gonna be lots of that very soon!”

Troy positioned himself around on the back seats so that he wasn’t facing Jim anymore. Instead, he had his humongous ass and stinky sweaty socks pointed at Jim’s head. Troy grabbed the waistband of his jeans and tried to pull them down, but Jim stopped him.

“C’mon, man! I really gotta go!”

“Then go.”

Troy groaned. “Can’t you let me give you a Cleveland Steamer at least? Or I can shit in your mouth; I know you like to eat it!”

“I’m a little full tonight. And if you hadn’t already noticed from the smell, I already ‘ate’ before I met you! So you’re gonna sit here and do this for me. Let it out. All of it. I want you to shit yourself until you cream your fuckin’ pants.”

“Fffffuck,” Troy groaned.

His stomach wouldn’t stop growling. The first turd was already peeking out, but the blonde man kept his asshole clenched shut. He couldn’t even open it to fart anymore; all he could do was wait. Troy put his hands on his belly again. He was still on his knees, his fat ass positioned directly over Big Jim’s big stomach. The brown-skinned man growled and licked his lips.

“Go on, boy! Push!”

Troy took several deep breaths. Then he whimpered and shut his eyes. He balled both hands into fists as he bit his lower lip and grunted. Big Jim smiled widely when he stared at Troy’s jeans. He couldn’t see when it first happened, but he heard it. There was a fierce crackling noise, followed by two pops and a squeaky hiss. Then Jim got harder as he saw Troy’s jeans sag slightly, the turd clearly hard and pressing against the man’s undies and jeans. There was a series of messy pops and crackles, and the seat of Troy’s jeans bulged outwards. It looked like the man just shoved a few large limes down his pants. Big Jim leaned forward and flared his nostrils, letting himself drown on the man’s delectable stench. Troy opened his eyes and began to pant, but his “fun” was far from over. He still had a long way to go. So Troy grabbed his stomach again and pushed a second time, struggling with much effort. Even though his jeans were big, there wasn’t much space for all the shit to move around. Big Jim kept staring, listening as he heard a muffled, hot fart blast from the man’s ass. Then the crackling resumed.

It was very quiet this time; the sound of the truck’s heater almost deafened it. But the black man listened closely; he heard the second chocolate log as it burst free from Troy’s stinky ass. Big Jim sniffed so hard Troy could hear him. He scowled and teased the man by crawling backwards so his funky ass was directly over Jim’s head. Then Troy squatted his funky ass down, squashing his mess against Jim’s face.

“URGH! Y-you like the stink, big boy?! Well fine! YOU CAN HAVE IT!”

And with that, Troy proceeded to empty his bowels again. Although it took him longer than he imagined, as the turds flowed through his rectum very slowly. The white man gritted his teeth and groaned as he heard more crackling from behind and felt his pants sag even further. The dry, fetid odor of his bowel movement filled the truck, mixing in with the putrid smell of the two men’s feet and their musky bodies. As Troy kept grunting, he looked down and noticed that he was so hard his cock looked like it was about to burst free from his pants. More shit kept slowly oozing out of his fat rump, crackling voluminously and squelching against Jim’s face. His jeans, surprisingly, hadn’t changed color; his load wasn’t wet or runny, just very rancid. Troy chuckled as he moved forward again and gave Big Jim some room to breathe. Jim inhaled with much relief and growled, moments before his giant brown belly did the same. Troy turned himself around, denying Jim the pleasure of staring at his bloated ass. Big Jim sat up and spread his legs so one of them was hanging off the seats.

“There it is. There’s the kinky, dirty li’l fucker I knew was buried in there!”

Troy snickered and plugged his nose. “FWOO!!! Goddamn, it’s funky in here! …Wanna stink it up more?”

Big Jim grinned and extended an index finger forward. “Why dont’cha pull my finger and find out?”

Troy smiled. Then he reached forward and pulled Jim’s finger so hard the man nearly shouted. As if on cue, his asshole opened up and unleashed a volley of farts, and even a few messy sharts, inside the truck. Troy laughed as he heard the noise and waved a hand in front of his nose. The flatulence vibrated and popped in various tones; sometimes they were muffled and wet, other times they dragged on and squeaked towards the end. Jim extended his other index finger, which Troy graciously yanked too. That’s when the messing started. What was merely farting turned into sharting. What was at first muffled “FRRRRRRNT”s turned into big, thick squelches and “FBLATCH”es. Big Jim moaned with delight as he shat himself a second time. The shit was flattened, sandwiched by Jim’s malodorous ass and the truck seat. The soft, slick shit oozed around his white pants, moving around his underwear, staining his cock and balls. Some of the shit began to move upwards near Jim’s ass crack, desperate for freedom. Knowing Troy wanted to see, the obese man gestured Troy to let go of his fingers. After he did, Big Jim turned around and got on all fours, trying not to slide off the seats.

“Smell,” Jim barked.

Troy whimpered, his cock throbbing beneath his jeans and releasing lots of precum. The back of Jim’s pants were destroyed. The seat of them was completely light brown and dark brown in certain areas. They sagged like a dirty diaper, the excrement ready to fall out. Some brown stains were running down the pant-legs, staining Jim’s thighs. His mess was so large and loose that Jim left various brown stains all over the seat when he sat down. Jim grunted and pushed again, and another bulge appeared and started to sag beside some of the other ones. The white man whimpered as he crawled forward and sniffed several times. He couldn’t take the stench any longer; the pungent stink was delicious, mouth-watering. Troy reached forward and grabbed Big Jim’s ass, shuddering as he crushed his messy load with his big hands. Then Troy grunted as he pushed out another hard, smelly log of his own, letting the mess coil around in the seat of his gray underwear. Jim let out some more wet farts, the noises muffled by the heater and the excrement. Then he looked back at Troy and grinned.


Troy sat down in his mess, shuddering as he felt the brown paste-like waste ooze around his underwear. Without hesitation, Big Jim crawled backwards, wiggled his ass in Troy’s face, then grunted as he sat down on the man’s groin. Big Jim turned and looked over his shoulder again before he let nature take its course. There was a juicy, muffled fart that stank of digested food. Another juicy, louder fart that bubbled and made Jim’s pants wetter. A thick, meaty-sounding fart that made Jim grin. And then there was a messy, fat FBLATCH that was so loud that they heard it over the heater. It was followed by a few subtle splorches, and Jim moaning with much exaggeration. And that was followed by Troy whimpering and shouting. Jim grinned as he felt something warm and throbbing beneath his big rump. He waited until the throbbing stopped, then moved away. The giant dark-skinned man looked down at Troy’s crotch and snickered.

“Oof! Looks like you’ve held it in quite a while! Damn…sure you didn’t piss yourself?”

Troy blushed and scratched the back of his head before he giggled. “Couldn’t help it.”

Jim snickered. “Lotta my clients can’t!”

Troy exhaled as he rubbed his head and licked his lips. “Boy…sure was a fun night, I can tell ya that! Still feel a little bit locked up in here. You sure you don’t wanna have a bite?”

Jim sniffed. “I’m good, thanks.” The black man groaned as he sat down and crushed his load. “So, Troy, wanna do this again?”

“You bet! Haven’t had this much fun since I met a cop who had a few secret ‘proclivities’ he indulged in.”

“But what about a group thing? Y’see, with all the money me and a few friends are making, I figured I may as well put it to good use! I’m throwing a party sometime next year. Real exclusive. Real tough to get in. …Real smelly.”

Troy grinned. “I like where this is going.”

“All my clients have done so much for me, paying me all this money, giving me all this support. I figure it’s only fair I pay you all back! So sometime next year–not sure when–there’s gonna be a huge party for people like us. And only people like us. Get my drift?”

Troy nodded. “Yeah.”

“Good! So…you wanna come?”

“That depends. If I show up, will you let me see that ass of yours?”

“Only if you behave, and don’t call me a bitch again,” Jim smirked.

Troy nodded again and smiled. “Then count me in!”

Big Jim laughed joyously as he looked at the blonde-haired man. They both reached forward and shook hands, already daydreaming about how the party would go. But just as Troy shook, his stomach churned once more, and the white man shut his eyes and groaned.

“FUCK! Still not done!”

Jim grinned widely as he listened to Troy shit himself once more.

“Hehe, oh yes. You’re definitely gonna have a lotta fun at this party!”

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