Two messy bike rides near the river

God do I love the summer time!

Last week I dragged my bike out for the first time in a couple of years. We finally had some awesome weather that wasn’t too humid and I could actually ride.


Ride number 1 —- Along the river near the park.

I put on my Under Gear Lycra compression shorts and a pair of black mesh sports shorts along with a tee-shirt. I really had to piss like crazy and had to poop very badly as well since this was early morning and I hadn’t done anything yet. I didn’t want to waste this as I haven’t had a good outdoor poop in quite some time. I was horny for a good time outside and this was a golden opportunity to enjoy it!

As I readied my bike, I was leaking pee already. I could barely hold it and I kept dribble pissing to keep some of the pressure off. I finally mounted the bike and headed down to one of my pooping places along the river. There is a park here and I’ve seen ball players in skimpy shorts and even found some underwear here a couple of times. Today though no one was around since it was a weekday.

I went down the steps to the river’s edge. The tide was in so the river was quite high and sloshing against the bottom step. I went down as far as I could and sat on the steps. As I sat their I relaxed and let the pee flow. I didn’t even have to push – it just poured out of me without any control. The Under Gear sucked up the pee like nothing and spread it out so there was barely a dribble coming out my shorts. The step was wet where I was sitting though where the pee had gathered on my bottom,  and when I was done wetting, the seat of my shorts was quite wet and soaked my bike seat when I sat down.

I stayed there for a few minutes thinking about pooping, but I didn’t do anything big then other than pushing a little to relieve the pressure. I pushed in and out and then a turd came out in between my ass cheeks where I squished it into place with my hand. This made a nice soft lump in my pants since pee had soaked my shorts. I then climbed up on my bike and road up to another park closer to the downtown.

This park too is along the river. This time it’s bit more urban with quite a few more people around. These people were fishing and poking at the river from the walkway while I was sitting on a park bench nearby watching them. One guy had really tight jeans, which is rare to see these days, so this made things more exciting to watch. Another guy, who was fishing, kept bending over to pickup tackle from his box. When he’d bend over, his ass would show in a plumber’s butt fashion. He too was quite slim, unlike many of the people around here who are as fat as whales. He didn’t do this only once either, and as I watched both guys, I felt myself getting hard.

After awhile things settled down when they moved along to another spot and I thought of pooping again when I felt that urge come over me. I got quite hard again and adjusted my shorts to accommodate the extra package when my cock pushed the shorts up. When I loosened my shorts with my hand and adjusted my cock upwards, I could smell the pee and my earlier poop. This made me even hornier and I really needed to go all of a sudden.

I let everything calm down, and my cock became flaccid again as I relaxed. I then shut my eyes and pushed a little this time. This pushed the first turd out of my ass cheeks and gave me a bit more space in my pants. I didn’t let a lot out. Just enough to push and relax the pressure. I kept pushing and stopping so the poop would suck back in. I kept this up until a bigger piece came out and stayed. This part of the load was quite firm and pushed the shorts out nicely. I stood up and walked over the railing as though I was looking at the river. While leaning against the railing, I pushed more shit into my shorts, letting it go wherever it wanted. I peed again too, soaking my already wet pants and dripped on to the sidewalk. I then reached back and pushed things into place with my hand and squished the package into my ass. This part of the load was quite soft due to the pee and the fact that it was the inner part that’s usually softer than the first turds.

With my full pants, I then sat back down again on the park bench, moved to the front edge and pushed the final bit into my pants. It was really, really soft by now and quite a lot to bit carrying around. I gave it a bit of a squish again. By now the load had worked its way down under my balls and up my ass to the top of my shorts. What was once clear pee coming out of my pants became a brownish liquid that really stunk badly. This wasn’t from loose bowels, but from the poop becoming mixed with my pee in my pants.

With the final bit in my pants, I reached down and jerked myself off while sitting on the bench. I put my hand in my pants, under my mesh shorts and went to town. No one was around and I closed my eyes to enjoy the smell, the warmth from the sun, and the feeling of the wet mess.

I stayed there for quite some time, letting everything settle down and prepped myself for my trip home. I didn’t go home right away, but instead stopped at another place I’ve messed at (also near the river and subject of the next story), to inspect the damage. The poop was very soft and had soaked right into the shorts! I then had that long arduous trip up hill and home where I showered and cleaned up. The shorts went into the laundry and I’m wearing them now.


Ride Number 2 – Next to the river again.

Perhaps in some ways I was trying to repeat my previous ride, but it didn’t quite come out the same. This time instead of the Under Gear, I put on a pair of old white (not so white) FTL underwear under my black shorts. I had to pee really badly again, and this time I thought the old cotton underwear would feel better which it did. I really did have to shit badly too this day. I had been eating a lot of nuts and trail mix which seems to soften things up nicely. I kept pooping gassy farts all day before and during the night.

This time I couldn’t even get my bike ready! When I checked my tires and gears, I peed right through on to the driveway. I was wet before leaving the house! I finished up the check, which was more cursory then I wanted, but I didn’t want to pee anymore then. I climbed on the bike and headed up hill. This was in a different direction than before, and as I pushed up the hill, I pushed into my pants. I pooped a small turd right out and peed enough for it to run down my legs.

I headed down to the wooded section of the river park and sat on the paved path. There’s a trail here and people are usually there fishing like they do on other parts of the river. Sure enough there were a couple of guys. One was an older man with his 20-something son. They’ve been around before and said hello to me. 

The kid had white mesh shorts on and I could see his dark underwear through them. After I passed them, I pushed more into my pants. The kid stood there fishing and I could see his pants package nicely. That was an awesome site and little did they know I had already wet and shit myself as I was watching them! Way down the other end of the park, along the paved path, was another man fishing. They kept to themselves and so did I, but I did glance at the younger guy often to inspect the scene a bit.

As I was sitting there, I made it look as though I was drinking some water and watching the ducks and gulls. The tide was in again and the birds were pretty busy eating stuff, particularly with the guys fishing and dropping bait-bits in the water. I sat there for some time and then peed.

This time it was different. Instead of the pee running down and sitting in my seat, it squirted up and out through the black mesh shorts in little fountain splashes. This felt so hot I go a hard-on and had to relax. I then started to push-pee to help empty my bladder. This also made my poop move some and a small soft poop moved into my pants. I sat there and continued to mess my pants, pushing, peeing, pooping, quietly without anyone bothering me.

I then got up and walked back to where the path began. There are some steps and a sewer pump there. The sewer doesn’t run into the river, but instead crosses. There was a cement platform covered with graffiti. I sat on the edge of the platform and finished off the poop. The load emptied quite quickly and filled my pants as  I continued to wet myself too and let the pee flow. It spurted and trickled down my legs and formed a brownish puddle on the concrete pad. The ants and flies came around immediately to have a feast.

I got up and dumped the load on the ground. It was quite big and quite soft. I could have squished it more, but for some reason I chose to dump it this time. I then made my way back the old man and his son with my stinky pants. I went back to where I was before and sat on the ground. I peed more and then jerked off.

The trip home was sticky and messy. When I got off my bike, the saddle was covered with liquefied poop and had a brown sludge mess all over it. I wiped it off while I was putting my bike in the shed, and wiped up my legs as well. Clean-up was done in the shower where I peed more and let the hot piss squirt up on to my chest and into the tub.

Holy shit! Two pooping experiences two days apart. I hope for more of these over the summer. Perhaps in the future I can bring my camera with me and share my time with you guys.

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  1. NICE story! Its so must fun to be naughty in public… and as you can see from the frequency of my postings (videos), I also am enjoying Summer.

  2. i bet it felt good to have the bike vibrating underneath you with a load in your pants

  3. Thank you guys. I’m glad you enjoyed my stories. Dirty Jeans. I’ve been enjoying your video sequences.

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