Two man poop in the forest

It’s now Sunday afternoon and I’m just back from a purely chance poop meet-up with a guy of around my own age.
I live on the edge of a dense forest which I know like the back of my hand. This morning was briliantly sunny – still is – and the air fresh so I was out of bed and into an old pair of shorts over my rather sweaty briefs, and a T and then straight off for a gentle run into the forest – first along well-worn paths and then into rougher places that I consider my private domain.
Ever since I was a kid all my best sex has been in this forest – often alone. (Yes, I’m a bit of a loner….but not anti-social!)
I felt the pressure of piss building up and that always triggers a need to shit but, as usual, I decided to run on and enjoy the sensations begining to course through my body. My cock was begining to stir and I could feel the wetness of pre-cum in my briefs…..another source of pleasure for me. I slipped a hand into my underwear and got my fingers wet with pre-cum and then licked them off – all the time running on.
Spending a lot of time in the forest you tend to develop a bit of a sixth sense for things not necessarily visible or audible and I had a warning bell ringing in my head, stopped and looked around listening carefully. Nothing. But I knew to trust my warning bell.
By this time I was getting desperate to piss and shit and thought, “I have to do it and if there’s someone about who doesn’t like it, they’ll go away.”
I slipped out of my shorts and briefs to be more comfortable as I squatted. Still holding on to enjoy the pressure on my prostate I felt – as always – that it’s really erotic to enjoy a natural process in natural surroundings. I was at peace with the world when, all of a sudden, my ears caught the sound of a twig being snapped.
I looked around and saw about 200 metres away a guy about my age with a big smile and a tent in his Bermudas. He said nothing but put his hands up as if to say that he’d go away if I didn’t like him being there. I smiled back.
He slowly walked towards me, still a little unsure, but I was too intrigued to know what he was going to do.
When he got within about 3 metres he stopped, dropped his Bermudas and stood there, still smiling, in a pair of once-white boxer briefs that had seen better days.
He came over, picked up my sweaty briefs and turned them inside out. Oops! Just a little trace of brown which he then sniffed eagerly before putting them back on the ground. Off came his boxer briefs to reveal a very hard, rather small uncut cock – which started to spurt piss in my direction. I beckoned him to come closer and felt the hot piss begin to flood over my body. My cock was rock hard and leaking pre-cum like a volcano but suddenly it started to spout piss. In a heartbeat the guy – I don’t know his name but I’ll call him Piet – was squatting behind me cupping my piss and pouring it over his head and face.
As the stream slackened off he began to play with my shit chute. I was really about to explode with all that shit backed-up. He slicked a finger up with spit and slipped it in – not far because he met a solid log of shit all too ready to come out.
“Let it go…..slowly.” he said in a husky voice.
I knew what he was going to get. My logs really are logs. Solid, fat and quite long. I let the first one out and he delivered it as if it were a baby, then a second one and, finally a third one – this time smaller.
He used a finger to see if there was any more up there and, finding that there wasn’t, he stood up and came to squat in front of me with his back to me.
I realised that he wanted to shit too. I wanted to get closer to his hole and explore it so I pulled him into a position where I could get my nose in there. It was surrounded by soft black hair and those dark brown stains from years of shitting. The smell was intoxicating. He clearly wasn’t a fastidious wiper.
A little spit and time to play and find out what secrets his enticing hole held inside. I wasn’t disappointed. Something hard was already on its way out and
I just managed to catch it. A log that was hard, of average length and girth and almost black.
He turned, grinned and, before I knew what was happening, he quickly got his hole slippery with spit, took my biggest log and started to try and insert it up his own ass. It crumbled a bit but then it went in. He let out a deep sigh of satisfaction. I was totally mesmerised and very turned on. He then began to shit it out – very slowly and then with a sudden rush it literally shot out. At the same moment he let out a yell and his cock let go a stream of cum then he slumped to the ground. A couple of strokes of my own dick did the same for me.
We slowly came to and he dressed quickly, grinned wickedly at me and was gone before I could get my brain together to say anything.
I’ve had one or two crazy experiences in ‘my’ forest and that one I shall certainly add to my list.
(P.S. English is not my native language so please forgive bad grammar, spelling mistakes and any obscure descriptive parts. If in doubt, just ask.)

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  1. Fucking hot story ! Your one horny dirty young dude. I bet your ass and shit tastes amazing. Hope you continue to have lots of fun in the forest 🙂

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