Two Loads, Two diapers

Today was a bit of an anomaly for me, as I normally go months or perhaps even a year between times I purposefully shit myself. This morning was different. Lately I’ve been experiencing stomach troubles and I went to bed with a sore tummy. When I woke up, I realized I was free of the soreness of my stomach but now I was DYING to poop. In my horny, and dreamlike state, I decided I musn’t let this go to waste due to all the times I wanted to shit myself and had nothing. I slipped on a prevail clipon. (I like this kind because of the wide landing zones) I had secured the clips on to myself and the second I gave any pressure, my shit went in my diaper like soft serve ice cream. I pushed until it was all gone. It didn’t take long for me to sit on my bathroom floor and jerk off in my mess. I shot directly into my diaper and lay for a couple minutes recovering from the intense orgasm.

A couple hour later I felt the need to shit again. Curious, I figured I wouldn’t have much left after the first one. Thinking back to my previous orgasm I decided I was to shit my diapers again. This time I was out of Prevail clipons M, and had to settle for prevail slipons Sm. They fit, it’s just a smaller landing for all of my excretions hehe. I made coffee, put it in a thermos, and drove off to the dispensary. I downed half of the coffee before going inside. I didn’t want to shit myself in the store but I came close, as the coffee kicked in quite strongly. I fought the urge and after a brief conversation with the cashier, I drove off into the countryside. My guts were billowing out as I pulled over on a remote road I like to stop and smoke at. I pulled out a cigarette. Realizing i forgot my lighter on the seat, I bent over to try and reach it. My ass gave in. It was strange. There wasn’t even any farts or pause beforehand, I just immediately ejected a smooth soft shit in my diaper. It was so relieving. As I sat down on my carseat my shit bubbled up onto my balls. I enjoyed the mess until I got home. Once home, I removed everything but the diaper and sat on the toilet. I aimed my penis and let a torrent of warm piss out while yet more shit forced its way out of my ass. Now I am currently in my mess planning to have an excellent wank with my own shit 😉 Thanks for reading.

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