Turned My Hanes 28-30 Tighty Whities Yellow Again!!!

So, today I was on my way home from work, and I SERIOUSLY needed a pee! I had already changed back into my street clothes before I left, so I was in my Tight Boot Cut Blue Jeans, and T-Shirt, with Hanes 28-30 Tighty Whities underneath. I arrived at the bus stop by my work about 7 mins before the bus showed up, so I didn’t have time to go to the bathroom @ the Circle K behind the bus stop! I was starting to fidget when the bus showed up about 3 mins early. I got on and took a 10 min ride north to the cross street E/W that I had to travel West on to make it home, another 20-35min wait! So I got off the bus, and walked across the street to the next stop. I had to sit and cross my legs just to keep from grabbing myself through my Jeans!

By this time, I was WELL aware the I had made about a half-dollar sized wet spot in my Hanes Tighty Whities, and was getting fairly close to a serious problem in my pants! Another 12 mins went by, and the Bus finally showed up, but not before this VERY cute, young half Hispanic guy started eyeing me while I fidgeted and adjusted myself, checking my wetness level as I touched myself. I could tell he was getting hard watching me, because right before we got on the bus, he had to stick his hand down his Light Grey BVD Boxer Briefs and make an about 20 second adjustment, where I am SURE he was playing with himself as he attempted to covertly look over at me. He sat next to me, but on the other side of the bus.

We had to sit there at the stop for about 5 min’s, during which time I accidentally let out another spurt, which he TOTALLY saw, and I heard the faintest Moan come from next to me, where he was sitting, when he saw it happen! I looked over at him as the bus began to move, and I saw a Wet Spot on the front of his Jeans! He had CUM, I believe, when he saw the front of my Jeans get darker! He wasn’t looking at me anymore, but his face was very Red, and he was breathing a bit heavier as well. About 5 mins later, I got off the bus, for the 5 min walk to my front door.

Obviously by the title, I NEVER made it inside. As I was walking upstairs to my front door, I just couldn’t hold it anymore, and absolutely FLOODED my Blue Jeans and Tighty Whities as I put the key in the lock and turned, opening the front door. It felt wonderful, and now here I am, writing about it hoping you all enjoyed at least almost as much as I am now! These accidents are becoming more frequent, and honestly, I am LOVING it! Keep a LARGE supply of Tighty Whities now just because I know I’m gonna pee or poop my Pants AT LEAST 2-4 times a week! =D

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  1. Here is a little piss trick. Sometime after I piss I have to piss again real bad. What I do is kneel down by my car, pretending to be doing something. If my dick is pointed down its almos unnoticed
    If I’m horny and am out I might ask a guy if he knows where the closest bathroom is. They most times don’t and I end up kneeling and start to piss as we’re talking.
    Once I shit as well. Very Provocotive One guy asked what’s wrong? I told him I was pooping my pants was very embarrassed and would stand up turn around asking if it was noticeable

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