Turd Roommates Chapter 3

Jay’s face turd red as soon as Joe mentioned he’d seen Jay’s enormous, constipated turd clogging the toilet. Jay stopped thrusting his hard cock against Joe’s rock hard log, instead letting his dick just sit inside his new roommate’s stool-packed rectum.

“You…looked in the toilet?” stuttered Jay. He knew what question would come next.
“Yeah, bro. How long had that monster turd been growing in your shit chute?” asked Joe.

“Two weeks, dude. I get constipated a lot, so my logs get really thick and hard. They never flush. Hope that’s okay.”
“Yeah dude! I clog toilets all the time. They are just too small for manly turds like ours. Two weeks man…that’s impressive! I bet it felt so good to grunt that mammoth shit out.” Joe smiled at Jay and cut a long fart around Jay’s hard dick shaft, which was still stuffed up his fat butt.
Jay smiled in relief and began thrusting again, feeling the hot fart gasses blowing against his dick and balls. “Feels like you have so much compacted shit up your ass after holding it for four days, bro. It’s been four days since I’ve taken a dump too. I’m excited to find a bud who can compete with me in the log department. We should have a poop holding and size contest!”
“It’s on, dude,” said Joe. “We are roommate turd rivals and we need to start stuffing our faces 24/7 immediately if we are gonna truly judge each other’s manhood by the size and weight of our feces.”
Joe began stroking his hard dick and Jay thrust into his turdhole and against the hard head of his constipated log. Faster and faster, until he started moaning. Jay’s orgasm was marked by about a minute of uncontrollable, loud, toxic farts. Joe moaned and came at the same time, with cum shooting on his bloated, poop-packed belly.
Both guys lay on the couch, next to each other, out of breath from their turd packing session. They were both getting hungry, since they were used to eating huge amounts of food basically every hour. As if on cue, the doorbell rang. Jay managed to put on shorts but not a shirt, and farting with every step, waddled to the door.
The cute, skinny, hair-gelled twink pizza guy had to make multiple trips to his car to bring all the food the two roommate gluttons had ordered. As they stood close together counting out money, Jay noticed the delivery guy was looking him up and down, studying every inch of his overstuffed, flabby male body. Jay laid a huge, but muffled fart and swore the delivery guy stuck around for a second to sniff it before leaving.
“Bring that pizza here man! I am ready to feed, bro!” said Joe. Jay put all the food down on the coffee table, stripped back down to his tighty-whities, and sat his fat ass down on the couch with another massive turd gas blast. The smell of pizza mixed with the rotten stench of their farts as the roommates greedily stuffed their faces with meat lovers pizza and beer.
“All this meat and cheese means we’re well on our way to birthing mega-turds in two weeks. I want to teach you everything I know, though. Sit here and I’ll bring you some ingredients from my secret grogan recipe,” said Jay with a laugh.
Joe nodded, grunted, and farted in response as he stuffed his face with pizza. Jay took that as a “yes.”

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  1. amazing! your stories served as an inspiration for my own mega-shit stories! keep up the great work!

  2. i love your stories! i think it’d be cool if the characters from constipated dudes met turd roommates! that to me would be the best story ever! just my opinion though.

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