Turd Roommates Chapter 2

Joe quickly shut the toilet lid, hiding Jay’s huge turd log from view, and exited the bathroom.

“Sorry dude, I just had to take a helluva piss. It was great to go in the tub – made it really easy to aim!” said Joe.

Jay replied, “Yeah bro! We’re both dudes so who cares if we piss in the tub, burp, fart, or clog the toilet?”

They both laughed, and Joe decided to get bolder – he scrunched up his face and pushed out a big, booming bassy fart that lasted twenty seconds. “Ahhhhhhh. There’s lots more where that came from. You’re gonna regret saying I can fart freely.”

Jay laughed and ripped a loud, juicy fart of his own. “Nice one man! Bet I can out-blast ya!” He grabbed his hairy gut and ripped five more quick, loud blasts of man gas, and then used his hand to waft the air toward Joe.

Joe made a fake gagging sound, and grinned as he turned his bubble butt towards Jay and laid another stink bomb. “It’s on bro. This is a full-on fart war!”

They both were getting semi-hard in their shorts, inhaling the heavy, masculine scent of turd gas, blasting farts back and forth, while teasing each other about the smell. Suddenly, Joe stopped farting and quickly sat down on the couch.

“Whats the matter, Joe? You touchin’ cotton?” laughed Jay.

“Yeah man. One more push and I’ll be farting out nuggets,” said Joe.

“I win round one of the fart war then. You gotta sit there and recover for a minute, and let your log slide back up your turd chute.”

“I can feel it moving back up, Jay. I’m gonna keep my ring clenched tight for the rest of today so that I can move my stuff in later this afternoon if that’s OK.”

“Yeah,” said Jay, “I’ll help you move in as long as you don’t mind I have to take fart breaks every fifteen minutes.” They both laughed as Jay ripped a victory fart and wafted it toward Joe.

Joe didn’t have very much furniture, so the move went pretty quickly. By that evening, the two new roommates were both drinking beer, sweaty and exhausted, laying on Jay’s big couch. Joe, not entirely confident that his turtlehead had receded, let a massive, silent fart seep out without any pushing. Jay immediately took notice of the rotten smell, leaning towards Joe’s butt and sniffing.

“Damn dude! What have you been eating? Smells like something died up there and it’s been sitting for a long time,” he said as he waved his hand in front of his nose.

“Yeah bro. You may have beaten me earlier today, but my farts are notorious for their smell. It doesn’t help I’ve been backed up lately, so my gas has that extra stinky old turd smell,” said Joe. “I’m really bloated right now, and these pants have gotten really tight lately with my appetite. Mind if I get comfortable?”

“Be my guest man. I’m gonna do the same. My fat ass is gonna rip these shorts if I don’t take them off soon,” said Jay.

Both guys removed their t-shirts and shorts, and sat there sweaty and hairy next to each other on the couch, wearing only their tighty whities. Both of them could really smell the other’s manly stink…clearly neither of them had showered in a few days.

Joe admired Jay’s hairy, flabby body, with his big muffin top spilling over the sides of his briefs, and his flabby belly showing obvious signs of distension as it stuck out, hard and round. He was scratching his big package through his briefs and staring back at Joe’s exposed, fat belly and crotch bulge. They were both really fixated on each other’s almost naked bodies. Joe suddenly felt awkward and grabbed the phone. “I’m gonna order us some pizza, bro. I’m thinking two large meat lover’s?”

Jay lifted up on one ass cheek and ripped a fart. “And some hot wings, and four large orders of chili cheese fries. I wanna pack my gut solid with gas-producing food and become a master farter!”

Joe laughed and jokingly grabbed Jay’s package through his briefs. “You’re a master farter and a masturbater!”

After he finished their huge food order, Joe stood up and started backing towards Jay, who was laying on the couch. He spread his fat ass cheeks, with the pucker of his poophole visible through his underwear, right against Jay’s male bulge. “Since you like jacking off so much, I thought I’d be your own home-made vibrator,” he said with a laugh, and cut a really loud, powerful fart that made his asslips vibrate intensely against Jay’s bulge.

Jay laughed and made a weak attempt to push Joe away, but his rapidly growing erection gave away his true feelings. “Man, I am gonna get you back for this! I will pin you down and fart mercilessly,” said Jay. Joe responded with a grunt and another powerful fart. He could feel Jay’s now rock-hard dick pressing against his greasy farthole through their briefs.

Joe laid another juicy fart on Jay’s boner as Jay let out a moan and a quick fart of his own. Suddenly, Jay pulled down both of their underwear so they were touching skin-to-skin, greasy, sweaty penis vibrating against greasy, sweaty asshole. The manly odor of unwashed dick hit both of them instantly. “Joe, I’m gonna plug that farthole of yours. We’ll see how you like it when that gas can’t escape.”

With that, Jay began to push the thick head of his erection into Joe’s pucker. Joe grunted in surprise, but Jay’s fat boner penetrated him easily with all their sweat and grease as natural lube. About two inches in, Jay’s dick came to an abrupt halt as a solid wall of hard feces pushed back against it. Jay pushed and probed a little bit, making Joe moan as his huge grogan shifted and moved inside his colon.

“Damn dude! You really are backed up! It feels like a lumpy rock against my dick. How long have you been baking this loaf?” asked Jay.

Joe smiled with manly pride over the size of his turd. “It’s been four days. Been really packin’ it in, eating as much as I please. You’re gonna be in awe of the size of this monster, dude.”

Jay tried to push his dick further into Joe’s packed butt with no success. “Feels like it, bro. I can lay some big logs myself and I’m mighty proud of them. We’ll see who’s turd manhood is the biggest, longest and thickest.”

“I believe it bro. I looked in the toilet.”

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  1. Great stories, I can’t wait for the next one. I love seeing guys desperate and see them lose the battle.

  2. damm ya, a third, and I wish it was me in that storie, so love smelly farts and shitty asses

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