Truth or dare?

James and his friends were planning on having a party at his house since his parents were gone out of town for the whole week. Sadly, nobody but James’ group of close friends showed up. 

His friend Cory brought enough beer that they each could have half a dozen. They decided to play truth of dare. It was Kenny’s turn to go first. He asked Trent truth or dare and, he chose truth. “Have you had any sexual experiences with another guy?”, he asked. “Well.. Yea.. A couple..”, he responded. All of the guys stared at him and just continued on with the game. “I dare you to prank call Madie and tell her that you got her pregnant!”, shouted Gregory.
The game went on for about half an hour and questions started to get a little bit interesting. “James, I dare you to wear a pair of your little brother’s tighty whities for the rest of the night!”, Cory told James. James looked at Cory weirdly, but decided it was all fun in the game so, he went upstairs and put on his 8 year old brother’s tight briefs. He walked down the stairs struggling to walk properly. Cory’s massive dick was starting to get hard, but he put his T-Shirt over it so nobody would notice. “Kenny, truth or dare?”, he asked. “Hmm…. Dare.” I dare you to wear a pair of my briefs for the rest of the night. Kenny looked at James for a few seconds, then just smiled. He went upstairs with James and James gave Kenny his favourite pair of briefs: leopard. 
About ten more questions were asked until James asked, “Guys, can we just say game over and call it a night?”. Trent responded with, “After my turn is done. James, truth or dare?”. “Dare”, James responded without hesitation. “I dare you to let us put a diaper on you, over your brother’s briefs, and you must stay in it until we all leave,” said Trent. “Hell no!”, shouted James. All of the boys begun making chicken sounds to pressure James into doing it. “Fine. But you all have to also.” James responded. The 5 boys begun to walk into the car, and drove to the nearest drug store to pick up a pack of 16 XL child diapers. They found the pack, bought the diapers and easily walked out of the store without being given any looks.
They got back into the house, and immediately opened the pack. Trent handed each of the boys a diaper, and gave one to himself. They all dropped their pants, and slipped on the diapers since they were all pretty thin. James and Kenny obviously put their diapers right over the underwear like they were told to. The boys went downstairs and turned on the TV. There wasn’t enough room for all 5 on the couch so James and Kenny laid down on the ground. They were ready. Gregory and Kenny leaped onto James and held him down on the floor, face towards the ground. “What the hell are you doing?”, James yelled. “Run upstairs and find something!”, Kenny said. Trent and Cory ran upstairs in their diapers, looking for anything they could find. They found it in the garage: some thick rope.
The two boys ran downstairs, and tied up James’ hands so he couldn’t move anywhere. Gregory grabbed 5 more diapers in the pack and slipped them onto James, who is freaking out on what is going on. “What the fuck is wrong with you guys? Untie be you fucking bitches!” James yelled. After putting on the extra diapers, each of the boys put another on themselves. They tied up James’ legs as well. “We have been planning on doing this for months James, and it’s finally happening,” Cory said. He walked up to James and made out with him, and grabbed James’ crotch. They were all already hard.
“James, you’re now our slave. We tell you what to do or else we beat you, understood?” Trent said. James just sat their, staring at his friends with complete shock. “UNDERSTOOD?”, Trent screamed. “Yes,” James responded. “Good… Now, do us all a favour. Take a giant pee in all of those diapers?”, Trent said. “What?” James said with disgust. “Do it.” Cory said. We all already have. James looked at the crotches of his friends and they all were a bit wet. James just thought how crazy his friends were. And that if he didn’t do it, they’d hurt him. So he went ahead and pissed himself. Those 5 beers he drank all came out in the diapers. “Have you gone yet?”, Gregory asked. Kenny didn’t even wait for an answer. He just pulled back the diapers and confirmed that he did.
The boys wanted to see more then just a pee in the diaper. They wanted to see him unload his bowels in them too. “Kenny, you stay here. Cory, Greg and I will go back to the store to get some laxatives”, Trent said. James’ eyes suddenly widened. The three boys slipped their tight pants back over their diapers, and got into their car. It was James and Kenny all alone. He heard the car drive away so he thought this was his chance. He started to pull the diapers off of James. “Thank you so much… I won’t say anything about you!” James said. James was waiting for his legs and hands to be untied. But nothing.
He suddenly felt something push against his tight ass. James moaned. “STOP. PLEASE. I’LL DO ANYTHING”, James shouted. Kenny just kept pushing. He pulled his dick out, and put it back in, and pulled it out… This went on until the boys got back home. Kenny quickly put his dick back into the diaper and pulled the diapers back up to cover James’ ass. Cory opened the small container and demanded James to swallow them. He gave James 5 of the pills. They all took 5 themselves. The 4 boys haven’t shit in almost a week. They also knew that James didn’t shit often but when he did, he was pooping for a long time. 
They all took turns making out with James, sucking his cock, fucking him, and doing the same to each other. “What the hell is wrong with all of you!” James shouted. He begun to cry. “What’s wrong, poor little baby has poopied himself?”, Kenny asked. He hadn’t felt anything, until that was said. All of the boys were feeling it. They were ready to explode. Gregory was first to do so. He squatted over James’ face and just took a massive shit in his diaper. All of the boys took out their rock-hard dicks and started wanking. Greg gently put his ass over James’ face while Trent was holding James’ head still. Greg stood up, sat down, and kept going for about a minute. James was balling his eyes out.
Cory was ready to go by this point. He put his ass on James’ face and shit himself with another huge load right there. Cory and Greg begun making out, while squashing eachother’s loads on their friend’s butts. Kenny was making out with James while he pushed and the giant load came out, while Trent had his face on Kenny’s ass.
James and Trent both haven’t gone. The three boys sat in their shits while waiting for one of the other two boys to shit. “Can I please at least shit in the toilet? Just this one time?!” James asked with tears in his eyes. But he couldn’t hold it anymore. James just went on his knees, squatted, and shit. It was the biggest he’d ever taken. And it could barely get out of his ass. Kenny pulled back the diapers, while Cory grabbed the shit, and spread it around the back of the inner diaper, so James could feel it everywhere. Now, Trent decided to release his bowels and shit out an enormous load himself. All of the boys were sitting in their loads, including James.
They didn’t change themselves for the rest of the week. Every morning, they’d give James 5 more laxatives, along with themselves. Sometimes they’d fuck James, other times they’d fuck each other. Sometimes, they even would get in a line, and make a train. James would be in the front of course, getting Cory’s huge dick in his tight tiny asshole. James was crying for almost the whole week.
It was the day that James’ parents were coming back, and all the fun had to end. “If you mention this to your parents or anybody, or anything, we will find you, and abduct you, and torture you this way, forever.” Kenny said, as the rest of the boys were untying the ropes, and removing the extremely soiled, now brown diapers. The other boys went home, and left life-scarred James home alone. They decided to stay in their diapers for the rest of the day, and threw them out once they got back home.
The End.
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