True poop desperation, and questions.

I have always had issues with seriously urgent dumps. About 3 or 4 times a week I get these urgent, desperate shits. My daily dumps are usually soft but formed and I go about 3 times a day. Some days I just get this horrible cramping and urgency and have to find a toilet within 10 minutes or I will have a real accident. Luckilly, my accidents have been either in my own home or vehicle so for. But it has been close when out in public. Last week I came closer than ever before to shitting myself in public. I was driving to work and the urge/cramps hit about 20miles from my destination. I pulled into a drug store and ran in to go. I could feel my ass trying to open as I walked to the toilets. I made it to discover that the men’s room was a single toilet room and it was occupied. I waited about 3 minutes, but the guy was still in there. I left and quickly walked next door to a fast food restaurant and tried their toilet. It was also a one toilet room with a urinal, and the toilet was taken. At this point the cramps were so bad I was sweating and my ass was gonna open no matter what, so I did the only thing I could do. I squatted and shit an explosion of liquid and soft serve shit into the urinal (it was the kind with the hole just like a toilet so it would flush down no issue) It only took like 5 seconds to do, and I was doing up my pants as a guy came in the room, he saw the shit flushing away and called me a fucking freak and ran out. I atill had more shit in me, so I waited 10 mins for the guy on the toilet to finish, and as he walked passed he also insulted me for using the urinal. I sat on the toilet for about 15 minutes pooping out coil after coil soft serve, and blowing out liquid and chunks before feeling empty.

So my questions are these: Does anyone else have such urgent shits regularly? and Do we agree that men’s restrooms should have atleast 2 toilets?

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  2. I have had some spells like that it used to be more regularly but not as bad anymore. I definitely would have used the urinal unless I wanted to shit. My pants. And yes they need 2 toilets also

  3. Occassionally I have the same problem but usually after eating a big meal. I once made it to the toilets but went in my pants as I was trying to get undressed. I have found I am allergic to the sweetener aspartaime. You still get it in the UK but not I think in America.

  4. I’ve never used a urinal, but I’ve headed around the back of a building and took a dump next to their dumpster!

    I agree men’s rooms should have more than one stall. There are some that do have many urinals and stalls, but not a lot of them.

    @Wetchris – We still get Aspartaime. It’s called by its tradename NutraSweet. It’s dangerous crap and causes all kinds of medical issues. I can’t use it either because it makes me very, very sick.

    I agree with the others here, Jay. Get checked for Crohn’s disease or even cilliac disease. This can be very serious so I do recommend a doctor’s visit.

  5. Maybe you should get your thyroid function checked. A few years ago I started having problems with bowel urgency and even started crapping the bed at night in my sleep. The doctor put me on pills to lower my thyroid levels a side effect of which was gaining weight but my bowel function went back to normal.

    As for stalls, it’s a real bummer when you hit a washroom and there’s only one and it’s occupied forever. If the volume warrants it I think there should be more. If the volume is low you can always risk the women’s toilets. I did that a couple times when I was desperate. Just wait until the place empties out before leaving.

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  7. well for me, not regularly but lately I had the runs every 4-5 days but Im back to normal now maybe because I had been eating huge meals everyday the mixture of food I eat doesnt go well. And Yes, men’s room should have atleast two stalls for convenience

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