true life introduction

i first met eric 40 years ago so i will let you do the maths. i had just found out about cottaging and was busy in my local toilets when i met him he was late 50’s big build and bald he told me it was not safe to play in the toilets and invited me back to his house a short walk away i was so horny i agreed and followed him to his home . that was the start to a great and long friendship and he learnt me many aspects of gay sex eventually he got me into role play and dressing up one friday i told my folks i was staying at a friends and would be back on sunday i set off and went straight round to erics house for a weekend of fun . when i arrived eric had me strip and then put on the schoolgirl uniform he had bought me including white bra and panties and i was to dress like this all weekend we had a lovely evening meal and then got down to having some fun i had had a couple of largers with our meal and told eric i needed to go pee he followed me to the bathroom and just as i was about to get my panties down he stopped me and told me to stand in his bath tub i told him i didnt need t just pee i needed to poop aswell and i was desperate. eric told me girly boys like me needed to learn self control , we had not done w/s or anything before so i was a bit green this day i told eric if i didnt get to the loo soon i would wet my panties he just smiled and told me to lift the front of my skirt up for him i did as asked fidgeting to keep the pee in eric reached to the tap at the sink and turned it on that was it the sound of the running water tipped me over the edge and i pissed my white panties turning them yellow at the front as the pee slowed i felt my poo pushing at my hole and told eric i need the toilet or i would poo my panties aswell he just told me turn around lift the rear of the skirt and go ahead i did as he asked and stood there as he wanked his cock i held out for a short while then it happened i filled the seat of my panties with a full load of steaming shit. eric came behind me and smacked my bum very hard mushing the poo all over my bum it was at this point i started to get hard as eric rubbed the shit all over my pantie clad bum this was my first ever pooping experience and i have many more to share if you have enjoyed reading this

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