True Experience

Alright, so one day earlier this year I was laying in bed, and I felt the urge to piss. I decided to wait it out because I didn’t feel like moving into the cold air of my room and bathroom. About 40-50 minutes later I was absolutely bursting. I started grabbing my cock and playing around with it in my cotton boxers because the feeling of being so full makes me really horny (I’ve never had a problem getting hard when desperate for some reason; guess I’m just lucky). Immediately my cock started to harden. Even so, I felt a little spurt of hot piss come out the tip of my cock and wet my boxers. I moaned at the feeling but knew that unless I wanted to have to do laundry later, that I should get out of bed and go to the bathroom. As I get up, I pull my boxers off, letting my now complete hard on spring free, and throw them in the hamper. I have to squeeze my dick all the way to the bathroom because I know if I don’t, then piss will be all over my bedroom floor (which normally I actually don’t mind at all, but i was being lazy that day and didn’t feel like cleaning since it’s carpet in there). Once I’m in the bathroom, i don’t walk over to the toilet, but instead stand in the middle of the room, waiting in desperation. I accidentally touch my boner with my hand and the feeling sends a shot of electricity right to my core. I start lightly running my fingers up and down my cock, and that, mixed with the now basically unbearable desperation, makes me start leaking little spurts out of the tip of my cock. I moan from how utterly amazing it feels and before I know it bigger and bigger squirts are coming out and then I feel it: in the middle of all these piss squirts I start cumming. Squirt after squirt of hot, sticky cum and my god if it was not one of the best orgasms I had ever had. After cumming all my muscles involuntarily relaxed and the rest of the piss (about a quart I’d say), just started streaming out and I couldn’t stop it. I then had a completely piss soaked and cum-covered bathroom, but it was totally worth it.

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