True accident turned debauchery.

This is true, and happened earlier today. My first time pants pooping…

Today was the last day family was over for Christmas holidays. The last of my cousins left this morning, and I finally had my own bathroom back. My grandfather was at work and won’t be back until next week, and my grandmother was currently staying with my aunt in the U.S, after she had her baby. I had no want to travel as I cannot miss schooling and work. Anyway, one of my cousins was sick and having stomach troubles, but as he is a baby, no one really thought much of it. My stomach had been turning and tossing, and I had felt rather awful for the past half hour; I could feel gas building up, so I moved onto my hands and knees, and pushed to aid it. Bad idea. There was quite the audible squelch and my full back white cotton panties filled with diarrhea. And I mean a ton of it. My face burned red, and I could feel my clit start to tingle because oh my god, I had just shit my pants. I could tell I wasn’t done, and I had already ruined the underwear and pink pajama pants, so I pushed as hard as I could. By the time I was done, liquid shit was running down my legs, and was soaked through my pants. I then stood up, and fell onto my arse like a toddler would, back into my shit. It felt heavenly. After that, I rolled around and fingered myself until I came. My orgasm was fantastic. Cleanup was a bitch though. Ditched the underwear and threw the sheets in the washer. I’ve had another accident today already, when I was getting dressed after my shower. All over the blue towel. Can’t wait to shit myself again tonight and hopefully every day until my grandparents get back.

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  1. Sounds quite lovely. Nothing like that ‘Oh shit I just shit myself, oh shit that makes me horny’ sensation. 🙂 I love crapping my pants: that feeling of need finally released is quite something. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. @Ryan I have a quite a bad stomach problem already, and it’s heightened by anything greasy. And I do mean anything. Normally I have diarrhea, but I’ve come to love it. So, I prefer runny.

  3. Amazing story, please consider uploading some pics

  4. Awesome story and I would love to hear more like it. I am new to this sight but have been into the fetish for many years. thanks for the laughs and keep writing !!

  5. Well, it sounds like you just broke the barrier as I did in 1960’s. I think I always wanted to test the waters but couldn’t find the right timing. When it was time, I gave it all I had and totally filled my pants to the top and even some cam out of the leg openings , I felt ashamed at first and wondered what people would think of me if this was ever to be seen. Was I the only one doing this? As time went on, the ashamed turned to total excitement as I wanted to shit my pant every opportunity I got. Shortly after my initial pooping, I began masturbating in my pants to complete the feeling. From then on it was a requirement for me to that after each pooping. What a wonderful feeling and today at, age 64, I have more fun and excitement in my pants than you can imagine. I look forward to each pants shit & masturbation to ease my daily tensions and put me in relaxing mode!

  6. That feeling when you know your panties are dirty,so there is no point in trying to save them and might as well finish the job,is fantastic.Since my first time I have loved every poop in my panties.

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