Trudy Poop Desperation Expanded by a Panty Lover

Trudy poop desperation expanded by a panty lover


By BlueGold20   expanded by “Today”


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Trudy woke up with full bowels. She felt and looked very bloated as she got dressed.


Today was going to be a fun day she thought. Trudy put on a pink low cut top and white panties. She ate a large breakfast of pancakes and fruits. I will go for a walk this morning she thought. The weather was beautiful today.


As she walk around the block Trudy thought “oh i ate too much breakfast. My stomach I quite full”.


She looked down to see her extended belly. “Oh I’m too full” she whispered to herself. On her way home her bowels groaned and she felt the urge to poop soar.


Trudy suddenly stopped “uh oh I need to poop and I might have to go in my panties“!


She was doubled over holding her stomach. She waddled the rest of the way home. “Mmmph oh it’s coming toward my soft white panties.” she moaned. She squirmed as she opened the front door.


Trudy frantically closed the front door. One hand was on her ass and another was holding her belly. “Oh I need to poop now and it might come out in my panties!   Oh I really do want to go in my panties,  but that would be so naughty.” She whimpered.


Trudy let out a long juicy fart, “aaah so close to my panties.” she moaned.


“I regret having that breakfast” she thought. Trudy couldn’t move out of fear of messing her panties, but she really wanted it to fill her panties so bad.


What was she to do, the correct thing and hold it or the pleasurable thing and let that big long hard dark wonderful turd push her soft white panties way out?


She waddled up the stairs and she farted again “mmmm ah the poop I poking out in my panties!” She wailed.  “I’m going to the bathroom in my panties”.


After another 15 minutes of holding Trudy’s anus was tiring.


“My ass is all sweaty I wish I could go in my panties but I need to hold it” she thought. As her last desperate attempt to hold her poop in she uses both hands to force the massive load of poop in.


“Just a little longer I can hold it” she whimpered.


Her entire body was trembling as she fought the urge to go to the toilet inside her soft white panties. Her legs were shaking and Trudy felt her butt surrender.


“Oh no no no not yet! I can’t stop it.   It’s coming in my panties.” Trudy moaned.


“Mmmmmph aaaah that actually feels kinda good.  I’m going in my panties.” she thought. Trudy was actually getting turned on by this.


“Oooh it’s all warm and sticky.   I’m going to the bathroom in my pants.  Oh, this is wonderful.   I’m pooping in my panties, my soft white panties.” Trudy whispered.


Another loud fart escaped through her panties “oops hehe thats better” she thought. Trudy smiled to herself as she felt her pussy getting moist.


“What an experience that was! I hope to do this again soon.   I want to poop in my panties again and again.”


Trudy thought. Another turd forced its way out into her soft white cotton panties.


“Mmmmph rrrr ahh” all done Trudy sighed!  “I’ve gone to the bathroom in my panties and it feels so nice and warm and wonderful.   Maybe I can keep in my panties for the rest of the morning.   That would be so nice to have a friend with me as I do my morning chores.   What would it be like if I wee weed in my panties too.?”


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