Tried to hold it! Pt 1

!!This is completely made up!!


We were in my car coming down the m1 , me and my girlfriend

We were both into wetting and diapers

Anyway.. We had been driving for 2 hours

She looked at me with a red face

“dan.. I need to go potty”She had been holding it for 4 hours ( and she had drank a lot of water )

“well bella , we are on the motorway , I cant really stop here can I” I reply

“I s’pose , I really need to go babe!!!! . Wheres the nearest stop?”

“About 50 miles away , about an hour” I say back

“Oh , well .. * she starts squirming in her seat *”

I notice she’s REALLY desperate  

To be mean I offer her some water

” you want some water ? “

“no thanks * still squirming on her seat * “

“can you hold it a little longer?” I ask

” I don’t think so i’ll try ” She replies

**10 minutes later**

I pull into a layby that was very rough and bumpy

Shes squirming as she’s at her limit , the laybys empty so I grab a diaper from the bag and open her door , and then…

“erm … I don’t think I need that now … I couldn’t hold it”

She was holding it for so long it started dripping under the foot deep chair

I said to her ” well I got the diaper so you know what to do  , still another 3 hours depending on traffic “

*she lies down in the back seats and I put a diaper on her*

*she gets up and goes back into the front passenger side *

We pull back onto the motor way

**1 hour later**

*She never said anything but she needed to poop , she had been holding it for 2 days , she knew it was gunna be big , too big to get out sat down*

I heard her grunting , she was really trying to push it out , her face went red

” you ok hun ? “

” ( in a pushing noise ) yehhh im fine “

after about 5 minutes of trying to push the solid load out she gave up

but she really needed to go , she really couldn’t hold it in but she couldn’t get it out !

The rush hour traffic came and the motorway soon built up to a stand still

Not getting much over 10 mph in sections they moved so slowly

She pulled her self up a bit and tried to push it out , but her pants had wedged her diaper , so was very tight to her butt , She was giving her full power.. Nothing , but she was cramping so bad she NEEDED to get this out

5 minutes later the traffic was almost at full flow , she rest back down on the seat now , still cramping and needing to go , she was in pain , and the past stop was closed off for repairs

* I look at her , I knew she was in pain no matter how hard she was trying to hide it *

Traffic light turned red so I stopped and said to her

” babe , try and get it out , I can see your pain! “

She lifted her self up and tried again , she managed to get about 1/10th of the poop out , problem is ,is that it was all connected so she couldn’t sit down

The light turned green and I had to go , She fell backwards as the car stuttered and most of the load that came out went back in ( yes it was that HARD )

” UFFFFFF , ouch that hurt” a tear dropped from her eyes from all the pushing and the way it got put back

I knew I would have to stop , so I pulled to the side of the road

I got out , opened her door and let her out 

” do you want to go in the back and kneel over and get it done with “

She nods to me

she climbs in the back and really REALLY pushing she tries to get it out

She pulls her knickers (pants) down away from diaper and pulls the diaper down abit for room

I sat in the front rubbing her belly as she strains to get it out 

I put my other hand at the end of the diaper and loosely put it towards her bum and I feel and see the load coming out 

10 minutes of pushing she finally gets it all out , and her diaper was the full the tabs were stretched and it was round the front and rear of her and up to the brim of her diaper .

She asks me ” do you have another diaper this ones a little full “

I reply ” sorry hun I only put one in the bag , looks like your going to have to be a bad smelly girl “

* she stays on the back seats *

“wanna play with it ” she asks me  I jump straight in and start poking it and pushing it in , I tape the top of the diaper to stop it over flowing

I get out and pull her with me

* she sits in the passenger seat and she feels its warm squidgyness and sinks inside it , she loves the feel of it as she rolls her bottom forwards and back making a lot of pooey mess on her bum and the poo was up to the tape and she could feel it coming to the top of her bum

I get in the driving seat and we drive home

 Want me to do a part 2?





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  1. I’m glad it was the last diaper, why would you want to get changed before having fun? (Except if you need a second diaper to put over the first one)

    Also, we obviously need a part 2, you can’t get away with clean panties!

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