I travel a lot usually 2 or 3 hundred miles a day. I like the feeling oa good dump in my pants while I’m driving, so this is the way I start the day.

When I get dressed I first put baby powder on my bottom and ball sack then I pull on a smaller tight pull up, I find this contains the load better than I put on a larger diaper, than my underwear, usually a previously soiled pair of  Hanes than pull on my sweats and I’m ready to go.
I’m ready for the trip I load my dog up, she goes with me everywhere, and we’re on the road I stop at a McDonald’s for my morning coffee and breakfast. I get that down and come to a stoplight while I’m waiting I lift up of the seat and the first log comes out In my pants, sit back down and feel the poop curlinG up my but towards my balls feels great.
I’m driving down the road , windows open, music playing and feeling that great load in my pants I drive for about ten miles and when I go to get on the interstate there’s a young guy hitching so I stop and tell him if he doesn’t mind the back seat(my dog always rides up front) I’ll give him a lift. So he hops in we chit chat  he tells me his name is Steve and he’s hitching a ride to basic training as he’s joining the marines I told him I could take him most of the way as I was going the same way
About that time I felt the need to poop again so I lifted my butt and let it out, big load, felt great, smelled a little and I could see Steve kind of sniff the air, he said does your dog have a little gas and I said no its me I like to fill my pants while I’m driving hope you don’t mind, he just said hey it’s your car and your pants I can Handel the smell.
 We drove on for awhile but I could tee the curiosity  was getting to him and he finally asked me how I got into pants pooping.
 So I  told him I was 26 now butt I was about his age 18. I’d had a accident in my pants and it turned me on  and I’ve been doing it since. The first time or two was in underwear but the cleanup was too much so that now I’ve got diapers on.i told him about the two diapers and at the next rest area I was going to stop and  take the dirty one off and clean up a little.
Than to my surprise Steve told me that he’d been at a drinking party the night before he left and while walking home he’d had an accident and when he got home and cleaned up he’d gotten aroused and didn’t understand why, he said he’d like to know more, I told him about this web sight and and also as we were pulling into the rest area he could come in with me if he wanted to watch,Steve said that would be great.
We pulled in and parked and I popped the trunk we got out and I pulled out two diapers and an old sock we headed to the restroom no one else was there, we both entered the handicap stall and he watched as I pulled down my sweats than my hanes(no poop had escaped) than my larger diaper, some poop from around the edges of the pull up, than I tore the sides of the pull up to reveal the mess. The smell hit about than too, I could see Steve was getting excited as I told him to hand me the sock, I took my pull up off wiping as much shit off as I could, rolled it up, got the sock out and started to clean up. Than Steve asked if he could do that as he could see better what areas of my butt headed cleaning the most.
So I gave him the sock,turned around,and bent over and he starting cleaning me up this gave me a Huge boner as no one had ever done this to me.
He cleaned my backside and I turned around  and did my ballsack and than started masterbating me, after I shot my load I told him thanks and pulled my diaper back up followed by the second diaper my undies and sweats Steve asked what the other diaper was for and I told him for you if you want to try it.
Well it didn’t take him 10 seconds to rip his clothes off and pull that diaper on he was having a hard time getting it over his cock as he was very excited. So I just told him to pull it back down. That I good turn deserves another and I sucked his dick till he shot his load. He pulled his diaper back up got dressed and he picked up my dirty diaper we opened the stall door and two guys were there laughing at us as Steve just muttered accident than dumped the diaper in the garbage and we left. I could tell this trip was going to be a lot of fun
If you want to read more part two coming ,how Steve feels pooping a diaper, and what happens after that

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  1. belle histoire … j’aurais tant aimé rencontrer un mec qui aime le pipi-caca couche ou culotte …
    J’attends la suite !

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