Trans with a dirty woman

I’m a transgender male who hasn’t had any surgeries which means I still have my vagina and a very high sex drive. I have been into scat for as long as I can remember, not many people know about it. With my ex wife I enjoyed getting fisted and shitting while her fist was in my pussy but as far as she knew it was always an accident. Even now when I fuck myself with a 7inch dildo I push so I let my piss and shit out. This story is partly true, what happens in it did happen but the names and surrounding details have been changed.

My name’s Jason, I’m 29 a bit on the larger size (90kg) with alot of body hair. I work as an office administrator in a small but busy company. One of my co workers is my house mate Stacey. She is a slim athletic build but never has to work for it, hair like fire and eyes as blue as the ocean. She is the perfect woman in my eyes. We have slept together in secret a few times and one of my favorite times was about a year ago. As I mentioned before I am transgender and I own a few sex toys including dildos and strap ons.

One night Stacey and I were having a few drinks with friends at our house, during the night we had snuck a few kisses and grabs between each other so by the time everyone went home we were drunk and horny as hell. We went to my room and she pushed me on the bed as she jumped on top of me kissing me and grabbing me. We were like wild animals not being able to get enough of each other’s touch. She moved off of me and put her hand down my pants and started rubbing my hard clit and soaking wet pussy. I was close to cumming then she said “Jason I need to pee” I told her to wait as I got up, I undressed myself and put on a strap on. I placed a towel on the bed and laid on my back on top of it and said “get on my cock” she ripped her clothes off and got on with no hesitation. She slides her self down and starts to ride it as my hands are now on her hips. She says “I can’t hold it in anymore” I reply “piss on me baby, piss all over me and my cock” she started to moan louder as her sweet nectar started to come out of her already wet pussy, all over my cock and on to me. I told her to hold it and to get on my face so she quickly turned and put her pussy on my face so my nose was smelling her tight asshole. She un did the straps and took it off of me then started to suck my clit and stick her fingers in my pussy. As she started to pee again I was able to catch most of it in my mouth, drinking every drop she gives me as sniff her dirty asshole. As she keeps pushing she farts and the smell goes straight up my nose, I loved the smell so much. She said sorry but I told her to give me more as I moved my mouth from her pussy to her ass. She farted again and this time I could taste it all, I stuck my tongue in her tight hole as deep as I could then she farted again. As I was tasting it I was starting to cum and as I came I squirted all over her face and fingers which made her cum and I could feel her cum drip from her pussy onto my face.

She rolled off of me and we lay there for a moment, covered in piss with the taste of her shit on my tongue.

Hopefully my writing is ok. I’ve never written a sex story before so leave a comment of message me if yous want to hear more.

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  1. Great story!! So did she ever finish the job? Did she shit on your face later on?? Sounds good. Look forward to more. Like your description too and talking about smells and tastes too☺️☺️

  2. Hi sadly no she never fully shit on me. She loved pissing on me but she wasn’t into scat so I was lucky to get the taste. She was extremely shy and apologetic about farting on me there was no was to get her to go further 🙁

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