Train desperation fantasy

We are squeezed together on a tube train in the rush hour. We are both desperate for the loo but we do not know each other, let alone know that the other has the same desperate problem. I am stood behind you and you cannot see my face. Suddenly, the train comes to a shuddering halt just as you are wriggling your best to stop having an accident, and the shock of it causes you to gasp and to let some pee run down your leg. As you squeeze your muscles desperately to stem the flow, you feel your ass opening and your poo starts to inch out into your knickers. Squeezed against you I can sense what is happening and my hand just happens to be against your buttocks. I work it round so that is directly opposite your hole. You can tell that I am having a feel but cannot do anything about it. You can feel me getting hard and suddenly you realise that you are turned on by the fact that I am turned on by you having an accident. Maybe this situation is not as bad as it first appeared!
Your hand works its way back so it is brushing my cock. The train restarts, and after a few minutes of rubbing our bodies against each other you need to let more out. And my own desperation means I am about to pee in my trousers too. We are still crammed firmly against each other as the train rocks along, but once again it comes to an abrupt halt and I feel the hot warmth of my piss as it soaks into my suit trousers. You gasp and I realise you can feel it too.
“You dirty slut, do you know how turned on I am right now” I whisper in your ear. In answer your hand rubs my wet cock through my wet trousers and you give it a friendly squeeze. I feel your body tense, and as my fingers press hard into the crack of your bum I can feel the hard tip of your poo pushing back against my hand. I push it back against your arse delighting in the sticky mess forming in your panties.
Somehow, I manage to work my free hand from holding onto the rail down towards your front. As you are pressed into the corner by the door, no-one can see and I delight in running my hand over your pert breasts and down, down over your flat tummy and onto your thighs, hitching up your skirt so that I can run my fingers up your wet thigh and onto the soaking wet crotch of your white cotton knickers.
The train stops again. Suddenly worried that others can see what we are doing I push myself more firmly against your body. My hands are pressed against you front and rear, and your left hand is trapped between us, feeling my hard cock through the wet crotch of my woollen suit trousers. My right hand can feel the small mass of pooh up against your bottom through your skirt and panties, and my left is gently rubbing your wet knickers against your clitoris. You are holding your breath, desperate not to piss any more, which people might hear, but becoming more and more turned on by the situation and by the actions of my left hand. You want me to stop, but you want me to carry on. You squeeze my dick again to signal me to slow down, and as you do I am forced to let another spurt of piss into my pants and I can feel it trickling down my inner thigh.
At this point the train lurches once more into action. The increased swaying and movement means that you are able to move against my hand, and can start to breathe once more. I sense your breaths becoming gasps and within just a minute or two you are riding my hand furiously. I feel you tense and your thighs grip my hand as you bear down in climax, forcing more poo out of your arse, and as you cum your piss begins to flow, down your legs and onto the floor – and as the train pulls into the next station you collapse against me. 
As the doors open, I decide that the spreading pool of urine at our feet is a bit obvious, so whisper “let’s get off here” and wrap my arm around you as we stumble off the crowded train. I guide you to the wall, holding you close in front of me, concerned not just that people mihght spot that you had had an accident, but that my suit trousers might be showing a wet patch. Safely out of everyone’s way I look us both up and down. It is the first time I have had a chance to see you properly – and what I see is very sexy. Your brown hair is swept back from your youthful face, on which an uncertain smile is playing round your lips but your eyes are bright with excitement. Your crisp white shirt shows off your fine figure and I can see your nipples pressing through the taut cotton. Your short dark blue skirt is long enough to hide your panties but I can see the damp trail of piss on the inside of your long well-toned legs and the grey-blue leather of your strappy shoes is stained dark where the pee has run across them. As I look down at myself, I can see a very clear streak of wetness running down my right thigh, staining my dark suit trousers, but maybe not that obvious from more than a few feet away. Your eyes follow mine and widen at the sight of my wetness, but perhaps more at the tentpole holding my trousers out at an obscene angle.
 “Can I take care of that for you” you say, boldly. By now the platform has mostly cleared but we are stuck in the open. I look around, it is an over ground underground station, and not that well lit. “Lets take a walk” I say. I take your hand and we wander along the platform, away from the exit, and towards the unlit waiting room at the far end. As we pass inside I draw you close and we kiss deeply. Our hands are all over eachother and I delight in exploring further the stickiness in your knickers. My hands pull your skirt up and I crane my head over your shoulder to sneak a peek – sure enough, a lovely brown stain on the outside and a small lump of shit very evident in the seat of your white knickers. My cock grows another inch at the sight.
“That was an awesome orgasm you gave me on the train” you mumble as we kiss. “Maybe I can return the favour?” With that your hands start to undo my belt, and to slowly unzip my trousers. As my trousers slip to my knees you drop down and lick at my prick through my pissy white CKs. Despite my hard erection, I really want to pee more. I let a little more seep out and am rewarded by a loud moan from you as you gobble ever more eagerly, slurping on my wet undies. “Do you like that?” I ask, unnecessarily. You nod and I push some more pee through the cotton and you drink it down greedily. 
Your hands are on my bottom tracing my firm butt, and runing up and down my crack. I feel your fingers pushing into my arse rubbing the fabric across my bumhole. This is making my cock grow even bigger and with some difficulty your fingers are freeing my cock from my wet pants and I can feel your tongue running over the engorged head before you take it deep into your mouth. As you work my cock expertly in and out of your mouth, knowing just when to use your tongue and when not to, I feel your fingers once again pressing on my arse, really pushing into me hard. I can feel the cotton of my undies beig pushed inside, but coming up fast against the hard poo that has been waiting patiently for 48 hours to be released. You can feel it too, and I sense your increased vigour on my cock as you do. As I rapidly approach my climax, I start to bear down and can feel the massive load begin to open my anus and push out into my pants. Your fingers cup around the end of my turd, cradling it and encouraging it out, then pushing back against it and spreading it around my hole and squishing it against the cotton fabric. Your pace increases but I grasp your head gently, slowing you down and fucking your mouth slowly and deliberately as I feel my orgasm build, savouring the moment as I fill my pants whilst my cum load finally pumps into your throat in an all-consuming climax which leaves me shaking on my feet…

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  1. Your right. they are similar. Seems like our minds went to the same naughty place when writing these 🙂 I enjoyed this very much.

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