Took a giant dump in my pants

So one day I felt like pooping my old underwear . It was 11:00 in the morning and I wanted to poop at night. So I ate some ham (gives me really good solid poops) and some beans. So later on like 4:30 I felt the poop in my butt but I had to hold it in so I ate some more ham & beans. At about 12:00 I my butt was hurting so I put on my old underwear and tried to poop at first it didn’t wort but then a giant log of poop fell in my undies. Giant wet farts filled up the room. I thought it was over but another wet fart flew out of me and another giant log filled up my undies. I new there was more in me so I pushed extremely hard and a 3 big log fell in my underwear. They were sagging and I loved it I started twerking so the poop would repeatedly hit my butt. I went in my guest room and smashed my butt into the bed. It felt SO good that I wore the soiled underwear for the next 12 hours! But eventually I had to throw the underwear out. Now I am a dl (which I am proud of!)

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