Too Old to be this desperate

I was 19 and away from home for the first time, staying with relatives as I was working in a different town. My folk thought the people I was staying with were “a bit rough” and apart from my aunt it was an all male household -the oldest boy was about my age and other 3 ranged from 4 to 16.

After a few weeks they took me for a weekend at the seaside with the rest of the family staying in a large caravan, On the day I am talking about we were on the beach and uncle John asked if anyone needed the toilet – I said I did as did the oldest boy-Peter -. As we went along the promenade looking for the toilets. Uncle John said “the others will just wee in their shorts and let it dry, but you two are to old to do that”. Peter said – “They would have probably not made it to the bogs anyway”.

I was feeling very much in need of relief and asked how far the toilets were, No one knew and uncle said we just had to keep walking and would be sure to find them,

Eventually we did- but there was a long queue-after about 5 minutes we got into the building, but I was desperate and almost pooping in my underwear. I also wanted a wee, but that was the lesser problem. Peter said he wasn’t sure he could hold his piss much longer and his father pointed to a drain in the floor where a couple of people and kids had already taken a slash – and said “you two had better do it over there”.

I whispered to Peter’s dad that I was nearly messing my pants and didn’t know what to do. He heard the panic in my voice and said it would be a while till a toilet cubicle would be free. The then told me to take my shorts off so that I had something clean if I didn’t make it to the toilet in time. I said “I cant just stand here in by jockeys”. A man in the queue behind us said “Go on -everyone will understand -we are all bursting”.

I dropped my shorts and stepped out of them. By this time I felt about 5 years old- and probably looked it in just a tee shirt and pants.

Uncle pointed to a yellowy wet patch on the front of my underwear and told me to go over and wee in the drain. If I had been younger I would have held myself to stop the pee, but I still had some dignity left. I said “What about Number “2s – I am really desperate. ” He said – Try not to dirty yourself, but don’t hurt yourself trying not to – just fill your briefs if you can’t hold it.”

I went t over to the drain , but didn’t quite get there before the back of my underwear tented out with a mass of mushy poop, I was almost in a state of shock and lost bladder control and was left there with pee streaming down my leg and the mess in my undies straining against the elasticated leg bands of my “Y Fronts.”

Uncle came over and put his arm round me and said I wasn’t to worry. I heard someone say “He’s too big to behave like that” but another man said it wouldn’t have happened if the other toilets hadn’t been closed for repair leading to long waist at these.

It seemed an age before we got a cubicle where we had to let Peter go first because he was nearly as desperate as I had been. When my turn came uncle squeezed in with me and asked if I had finished or “still needed to go”. I nodded and he asked “Both?” and I nodded. He said to just finish in your pants and then we will clean up. I did as I was told and made the floor a bit wetter than it already was before we gently lowered my loaded jockeys trying to keep any mess off my legs.

I can still remember the careful and gentle way my uncle went about cleaning me with toilet paper. I started to get hard at one point but he pretended not to notice and let his fingers play over the bits of me that made me aroused. He didn’t go too far but i knew he had enjoyed that bit of the clean up. When it was done and (I guess because we were in a cubicle with the door shut) he gave me a hug and a kiss before one final wipe down that in hindsight was not really needed, but was enjoyable and reassuring.

Then I put my shorts back on and with my poop emptied into the toilet my briefs were dumped in a bin.

Peter said “Don’t look so worried – it’s not the first time Dad’s had to do that” and his father replied “No it isn’t is it,and it wasn’t very long ago either was it Peter”. They both grinned and knew they had made me feel better in a brotherly kind of way.

When we got back to the beach Uncle said to his wife “David needs a pair of pants – and I wouldn’t be surprised if Peter couldn’t use a pair as well” Sge got some out of her bag that has nappies and all sorts in it for the younger kids. Peter said “Mine are only a bit wet- but took a pair anyway and we both changed into them under a towel as if we had just been in swimming.

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  1. I do the same thing, I’ll lower my pants in line for a stall in case I can’t hold it . That way your keep your pants clean but your underwear is thrashed. Unfortunately everyone gets a free show when you load your briefs. If it’s real bad I won’t bother trying to take my full briefs off. I’ll put a diaper on over my shit underpants then pull up my pants and leave. I just clean up when I get home

  2. If it were me, I’d just gone out into the water(away from everybody) and pissed and shit my pants, then I’d masturbate in them. After about an hour, most of the poop would have dissolved and you would have needed very little clean-up. I don’t wear boxer shorts or underwear but always wear my brief swim trunks that are tight around the legs and waist. I want to be prepared for any shit attack that may pop up or I may just feel like shitting my pant so I’ll force it out even if I don’t need to go. The tightness around the legs and waist prevents the shit from coming out in large pieces – especially at a beach. As I move around, sit or slide in my poop, and swim around kicking my legs, the poop actually does dissolve or small pieces work their way out and after about an hour there is hardly any left in my trunks. I dump out the remainder because it is all pretty small pieces and will never be noticed by anyone. I’ve been doing this for years with my pants bulging at the seam full of shit and have even been intermingled with swimmers near me to see if they would notice – but to date no one has ever known. Most times I can’t smell my poop but on those days I do – I stay clear of others. I love to have my trunks full of poop and play for hours in the water while I masturbate in them. – my favorite pastime!

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