Too much time on my own

Today I was left on my own all day, and I had no idea when people were coming back. So I decided to have some fun.

I had been surfing through the pics and vids on WPB and had been drinking a lot of water. I decided to go for a walk to some wood not far from my Dad’s house. With me I took: a very full bladder, a thick lube bottle and some toilet roll.

I walked about 10 mins from Dad’s, climbed over a low barbed fence and into the woods. I wandered around for a bit trying to find somewhere suitable.Once I did I stripped down to my boxers. They were very big and green and made out of wierd material, hence why I was using them for this!

I then started to pee and walk around. The boxers showed the piss up really well and soon they were a very dark green colour. As I was pushing for pee I pooped a little bit too. I carried on walking around, loving the feeling of the wet matrial on my legs. Then, I sat down on a log, whipped my dick out and pissed into my face and over my body too. As it’s been a hot day I knew it would eventually dry off 😉

Then I moved onto the lube bottle. Now, me being gay, and occasioanlly going through times without the real thing… I have found the thick lube bottle to be a good substitution and make sure my ass remains accommodating:) So I began to push it in there. Soon, I could feel the point where the ass just opens up and it slid in there. I was sitting on it, bouncing on it, walking around with it in my ass. BTW its about 2.5inch thich and 7or so long. Naturally I took all of it, right fown to the lid. Then I got a little rougher with a bit more vigorous in-out action, it was amazing. I even used some pee to lube up the lube bottle haha

After a good 30-40 mins of piss and lube action I decided to blow the load, which as you can imagine was pretty impressive. Then I cleaned up, and cleared away the loo roll and boxers so they weren’t in too plainer sight.

Then i just walked home, feeling relieved in all senses of the word 🙂

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  1. wow……….
    wish i could do something like that with someone

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