Too many clothes – downsizing


I have just way too many clothes right now and I need to downsize my possessions.  When I travel, the trunk of my car is completely filled up with a variety of shorts, compression shorts and stuff like that.
At some point coming up soon, I’ll have to sort through it.  I have compression shorts that I haven’t worn for 10 years.  I have swimming shorts that I rarely use.
I’ve decided that I’m willing to distribute them out to the wetting community as a show of support.  These are pretty much free, but if I get help with shipping (check, cash in mail, COD papers), that would help.
In a week or two, I’ll create an online photo album on a website somewhere for everybody to page through.  Right now, I’m looking for suggestions about a good and easy way to do this.  Particularly with the photo album.  This album may be used in the future for personalized requests for friends.

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  1. put them on photobucket or drop box so u can send them the pictures to people who want them trough it.

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