Too Loose: Genuine Accident

Last night I was fist fucked, in the woods by a 20 something guy who went straight in and in 5 mins he was fisting me well. Fucking hot that’s for sure! Anyway, that is only the cause.. now onto the effect.

I went off to McDonald’s for a cheeky breakfast after my Skype interview and on the way back I felt something slipping out of my ass. I wasn’t even pushing or trying to have an “accident” I genuinely was just walking along and could feel the shit slipping out of my loosened ass. As I walked more and more began to seep out and some of it dropped down my leg. It was the strange consistency somewhere between soft and hard and it was squashing against my cheeks as I walked along the road. I was wearing trakkies by no pants so I was hoping there wouldn’t be a visible stain of bump appearing out the back. Unlike my dick which was finding the whole unexpected shitting experience very enjoyable and so was rock hard and I had to poke it out the top of my trakkies to keep it from tenting out the front.

The more I walked the more seeped out until I could really feel it pressing against my cheeks and squishing up there. It kept coming.. not vast amounts but enough and I waddled into my house and assessed the damage. So looks like fisting is even better than I thought with a happy side effect too :p The last 3 pictures on my profile are the results 😉

Keep your eyes peeled for more of my 100% stories and upcoming and better vids 😀

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